I Remember You episode 4 recap

Side dish: What to eat when your neighbour drenches you with a hose? Cooking Fabulous Wet Burritos will make it look like you are not resentful, at all.

Episode Recap

The truth is that police detective, Cha Ji Ahn (Jang Na Ra) approves of the illegal way criminal profiler, Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk) dealt with serial killer, Yang Seung Hoon (Tae In Ho). However, when she arrives at Hyun’s home, she loudly objects as a police officer to the way he tipped off the Chinese authorities to Seung Hoon’s drug trafficking.

We are back at the final scene of the last episode, in which Ji Ahn is cornered by Hyun, who asks who she is. She thinks back to their childhood, when she repeatedly tried and failed to befriend Hyun, then heard his admission of guilt in his father’s death.

I Remember You 4.1

Rather than reveal the whole truth, Ji Ahn decides to admit to being a former stalker of Hyun’s, but she was hurt by his lack of acknowledgement. Hyun grabs Ji Ahn by the wrist as she attempts to walk away, and expresses concern about having a jilted stalker. Ji Ahn reassures him by claiming to have moved on to the “young and lively” boy band, EXO. She suggests a new investigative partnership between them, and Hyun responds by kicking her out of the house.

Planning manager, Hyun Ji Soo (Im Ji Eun) and team leader, Kang Eun Hyeok (Lee Chun Hee) are called into the office of their irate boss, the Deputy Commissioner. To justify the break in protocol that lead to Seung Hoon’s arrest in China, Eun Hyeok points out that every official channel to arresting Seung Hoon was blocked. When the Deputy orders them to discipline and transfer Ji Ahn, Eun Hyeok refuses, calling him “Father” in outrage while punching the desk.

The rest of the investigative team are listening outside, worried about Ji Ahn, but more importantly, about the dismantling of their team. Ji Ahn comes up behind them just as a frustrated Eun Hyeok comes out of the Deputy Commissioner’s office. She curses Hyun, knowing that she will be punished for his actions.

I Remember You 4.2

Seung Hoon’s shady lawyer, Jung Sun Ho (Park Bo Gum) suddenly shows up to speak with Ji Ahn in private. He tricks Ji Ahn into confirming that the actual culprit for his client’s arrest is Hyun.

Meanwhile, Hyun finds Ji Ahn’s handcuffs, which fell out of her backpack after she whipped it at him. Placing them in his pocket, he goes for a walk and gets hit by a spray of water. Police medical examiner, Lee Joon Ho (Choi Won Young) ends up soaking both of them while struggling with a garden hose, and while they are emptying their wet pockets, they gain clues into each other’s professions.

Hyun ends up in Joon Ho’s home to borrow a towel and a new shirt. It is a weird moment when both men turn their backs to each other in the living room in order to change their shirts. A scalpel inches towards Hyun’s neck, until Joon Ho smoothly offers to cut the price tag off the back of his shirt. Joon Ho reassures Hyun that he does not use the scalpel on people, that he was not expecting guests, his family lives abroad, and that he stares at Hyun, because he is just happy to have a new neighbour. The two men sip their tea silently.

I Remember You 4.3

A man wearing a black hoodie and leather gloves mutters words of regret as he walks out of an abandoned building and leaves behind a bloody hand under rubble.

In a Chinese prison, Sun Ho meets with Seung Hoon to reassure him that his government is negotiating for his release. However, Seung Hoon is obssessed with revenge on Ji Ahn and Hyun.

Meanwhile, Ji Ahn is imprisoned in her own professional hell, forced to field petty complaints as a front line officer. She attempts to casually walk by as her former team members discuss their case. Veteran cop, Son Myung Woo (Min Sung Wook) shoos her away, but he and the rest of the team instantly shield her from sight when the Deputy Commissioner walks by. Ji Ahn desperately misses all aspects of investigative work, including stalking Hyun.

I Remember You 4.4

Hyun is visiting the secret basement room where he was imprisoned by his father, when Yang Jin Suk, a former police colleague of his father, contacts him. He convinces an indifferent Hyun to meet him at his apartment, saying that he has information to share about the psychopath who killed his father, Lee Joon Young (Do Kyung Soo or EXO’s DO).

As Hyun is driving over, Jin Suk’s door bell rings. He answers the door expecting Hyun, but is stabbed by the man in the black hoodie. After failing to get a response from Jin Suk, Hyun enters his apartment, and finds the police officer on the floor with a bloody abdominal wound. Hyun immediately calls for emergency assistance, then attempts to get information off Jin Suk, but the officer dies before he can speak.

While Hyun is looking over Jin Suk’s desk, the man in the black hoodie rushes out from his hiding spot in the closet. Hyun whips the documents in the assailant’s face as the man tries to stab him with a knife. What follows is a slick fight that makes Hyun look like a boss. The man in the black hoodie jumps out the window and limps away, again begging for forgiveness to himself. Hyun can only watch before making his own escape as the police arrive.

I Remember You 4.7

Eun Hyeok and his investigative team arrive on the scene. Thanks to a recording of the emergency call, and a car video black box, gleefully discovered by Eun Hyeok, they learn that Hyun was at the scene of the crime.

Ji Ahn is alerted by Myung Woo to inform them if Hyun contacts her. Ji Ahn goes searching through Hyun’s childhood home. When Hyun fails to turn up, Ji Ahn goes home to find the murder suspect hanging out in her living room.

Hyun correctly guesses that Ji Ahn was in his house, then offers her back her handcuffs when she attempts to arrest him. However, Hyun stops her short of restraining him, claiming to be innocent. He thinks back to his father labeling him a monster, and cites rebelling against parental expectations as the reason he does not commit murder. When Ji Ahn demands to know why he chose to break into her place, Hyun admits that he had nowhere else to hide from the authorities who definitely consider him their number one suspect.

I Remember You 4.9

Sun Ho and other suits are listening patiently as a rich old man recalls the story of two young boys. Boy A and Boy B were playing with bows and arrows when A shot B to death. It was assumed to be an accident, but the old man believes that it was premeditated murder. The old man notes that in spite of the crime, Boy A grew up well, and he smiles at Sun Ho. When they are alone, the old man asks Sun Ho to do him the favour of acting on his behalf, and Sun Ho seems less than thrilled by the request.

Ji Ahn talks herself into aiding Hyun, and talks the policeman guarding the crime scene into stepping away from his post. Hyun and Ji Ahn are looking over the cop’s apartment when he finds and pockets some pills. Hyun cannot give any real identifiable characteristics about the murderer, but he does note that it was strange that Jin Suk did not appear to have defended himself.

I Remember You 4.10

Hyun and Ji Ahn are interrupted by the arrival of Eun Hyeok and Myung Woo. Hyun quickly shoves Ji Ahn into the closet. Thus, they overhear Myung Woo admit that he doesn’t really believe that Hyun is guilty, but just wants to punish him for being a jerk. Hilariously, Ji Ahn nods in agreement until she notices Hyun’s icy demeanor. Then, it is Ji Ahn’s turn to be badmouthed by Myung Woo who does not consider her a woman.

Ji Ahn comes to realize how close she is to Hyun, and starts hiccuping. The policemen hear the noise and slowly approach the closet, Myung Woo with his gun drawn and Eun Hyeok with his fists raised. Ji Ahn looks alarmed while Hyun looks mildly perturbed as the cops close in.


I have to admit that “I Remember You” was starting to lose me in the last episode. The police stupidity, especially in regards to the repeat absence of a police guard on murder victims and interrogation rooms, was just too much of a distraction from the strengths of the series. Fortunately, the writers appear to have gotten back on track with this episode, and they even had a policeman guarding the crime scene this time.

The interactions between Hyun and Ji Ahn have been quite enjoyable. It helps that every time their faces draw close together, their chemistry is immediately apparent. Though they’re playing to types – he’s the ice prince and she’s the comic relief – neither of them have felt overdone. Jang Na Ra’s comedic expressions are hilarious, but do not feel out of sync with Seo In Guk’s equally entertaining icy stares.

I Remember You 4.5

I also find it amusing how many weirdos and psychopaths are being trotted out as candidates for either teenage psychopath, Joon Young, or Hyun’s psychopathic brother, Min. This episode hinted at Sun Ho’s history of premeditated murder, introduced a young man wearing a hoodie and face mask who can’t stop killing, and made Joon Ho suspect as it revealed that he is Hyun’s neighbour, and lives alone.

Finally, how attractive was Seo in Guk during his fight with the hooded murderer? The hair, the shirt and pants, and the deft throws – it was just non-stop eye candy. I had to remind myself that Seo In Guk convincingly played a goofy teenager in “King of High School Savvy”. Here’s a last look at Seo In Guk’s sexy grim face.

I Remember You 4.6

I Remember You / Hello Monster (너를 기억해)

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  1. Hyunie, the only way to stop hiccups is to kiss her……. ❤❤

    Anyway, this episode is also marvelous. I dunno how they are doing it but every episode is better than the last. I’m thoroughly enjoying every bit of it. Especially the blossoming romance.

    Also, I’m a bit sceptic about the medical examiner. At first he seemed to be like a romantic rival to Hyun, but now I’m guessing that he’s going to be Joon Young? He seems the type. Not Min. Definitely not Min. I’m thinking Sun Ho is Min. Gosh, this drama is confusing me. But in a good way..

    Also that little meta moment of Ji An stalking EXO now. Lol… Didn’t they tell you that Joon Young is an EXO member? Lol

    Thanks for the recap! Always reading it….

    P. S. Aren’t you recapping The Time We Were In Love?


    1. I, too, thought the medical examiner was a potential love rival, so I was very surprised to find him next door to Hyun, and acting strangely.
      I don’t think we will recap “The Time We Were in Love”. We have our heart set on “Oh My Ghost” and we are preparing for KCON. Hope you’ll join us for both of those.


  2. That post-hose dry shirt scene was pretty unanticipated, and got my gaydar pinging. Although that’s not a usual storyline for a kdrama. What does Show want me think – the ME is the dadkiller? The ME is lil bro? The ME is just poor with social skills? I perceived a longing of sorts in the ME’s scenes with Ji An, too. Just a red herring or really important?


    1. The show does seem to want us to think that ME is Joon Young, but it’s all a little too easy right now. I hope the show doesn’t predictably go where it’s hinting. Anyway, I enjoyed the spontaneous hose-down, so that’s something.


  3. The ME is most likely Joon-young while the lawyer is Min. Park Bo-gum’s face resembles the little boy too much not to be Min.


      1. Agree. I just have to convince myself that an ex-con, err…a fugitive, could fake his way into becoming an ME. Oh right, he’s a mad genius. As for Min…the phrase “cut from the same cloth” comes into mind, interesting. So, he will eventually be the monster? Or he is the monster? SIG’s sexy fight scene… O.O


  4. I agree that my guess is not the most plausible thing, but Choi Won-young brand of psycho reminds me of Do Kyungsoo’s and vice versa. I don’t know…maybe it’s the way their eyes get colder as they smile. Of course I could be really wrong.

    As for a psychopath-turns-into an ME… Well if Western tv series are allowed to create Dexter and Hannibal, then why not? I mean even in reality, stories still circulate that Jack The Ripper was probably a surgeon.


    1. You’re right. Jack the Ripper was indeed rumored to be a surgeon, so anything is possible. We’re still in the early stages of the drama and a lot can happen. For instance, they’re throwing us a lot of red herrings, a new psychopath per episode, definitely Joo Young’s own way of toying with Hyeon. Except for the obvious police gaffes, I’m always in for a good mystery. 🙂


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