Wednesday Pic-me-up: Son Ho Joon is out of the bag

Son Ho Joon is the first Featured Guest listed for KCON 2015 in LA. I like to imagine that he will make his appearance by stepping out of a giant shopping bag, as shown in the accompanying photo. My co-blogger, Only enjoyed him in “Trot Lovers”, but I have never seen him any any drama or movie, so here’s hoping more Feature Guests will be confirmed soon!


  1. He’s really good in Reply 1994. His reality appearances are entertaining, too: Youths Over Flowers and Three Meals a Day.


  2. Aaah, love him! Uri haitai-ya. ❤
    Yes, he was amazing in Reply 1994, although he couldn’t compete with my Trash Oppa-ya ❤! He is such a good looking guy. Did you know that he is the most handsome guy in Reply 1994?

    BTW, unnies, are you going to watch “I Order For You”? Yunho’s new drama? I don’t watch idols’ dramas or movies (except for maybe TOP’s because he is a class actor, very talented indeed), but I just checked out the first two episodes and I figured that I will continue to watch it. Midway through episode one, a thought came to me, “Will noonas over forks love this too, because its all about food and love?” What do you say to that, unnies? Will you give it a try, as a favor to this faithful fan of yours? Pretty please?


    1. I am flattered that when you think of food and love, you think of Noonas Over Forks! We may check it out eventually, but it looks like it is airing too quickly for us to recap or do any timely coverage. Thanks for alerting us about it! 좋아요!


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