Bar Isabel

Reservations must be made weeks in advance for Bar Isabel whose tapas menu is quite extensive. Hence, we decided to go with the Chef’s Choice, and place the responsibility in the hands of the experts. Due to the dark interior, I was not able to photograph every dish, so here is just a sampling of the dishes we dined on.

Above: Grilled Octopus – Bar Isabel’s signature dish, it was perfectly cooked, and the grilled flavour dominated.

Bar Isabel peppers
Shishito Peppers – A little spicy with great texture.

Bar Isabel ham
Pan Con Jamón Ibérico de Bellota – Very flavourful.

Bar Isabel
Sobrassada and Foie Gras – The shaved foie gras was reminiscent of shaved ice. I can’t say that I loved the texture.

Bar Isabel salad
BC Halibut Cerviche – All ingredients were very fresh, and the result was a tasty and refreshing dish.

Bar Isabel marrow
Roast Bone Marrow – A little too rich and greasy for my taste.

Bar Isabel foie gras
Foie Gras and Morcilla – I did not like the blood sausage. The foie gras on its own was fantastic.

Bar Isabel dessert
Basque Cake and Sherry Cream – Admittedly, this does not look like much, so let me confirm that it was ridiculously delicious. Considering how full we were, it had to be good for us to finish it as thoroughly as we did.

Bar Isabel, 797 College Street, Toronto

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