Oh My Ghost episodes 11 and 12 recaps

Side dish: Bong Sun stays up all night making eggplant, but you can do things the easy way with this recipe for stuffed eggplant mini-rolls from Chocolate and Zucchini.

Episode Recaps


Horny virgin ghost, Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi) can’t handle her romantic interlude with chef, Sun Woo (Jo Jung Seok) when it gets serious, and runs off to a nearby park. She’s so overwhelmed that she starts overheating, and pops out of the body of timid chef, Bong Sun (Park Bo Young). Soon Ae feels guilty when Bong Sun confides in Soon Ae about her unease about Sun Woo’s feelings, and again, later, when Soon Ae uses stomach troubles as an excuse to put off the amorous Sun Woo. Soon Ae vows to just have a few more days with Sun Woo, before resolving her grudge, and leaving Bong Sun’s body for good.


Sun Woo’s brother-in-law, policeman Sung Jae (Im Joo Hwan) comes home to his wife, Eun Hee (Shin Hye Sun) and mother-in-law, Hye Young (Shin Eun Kyung). Left alone in the washroom, he contemplates the ghost-repelling contents of Bong Sun’s tiny room, and gets angry enough to visibly manifest the evil spirit possessing him.

The next day, Soon Ae tries out a new recipe, which is praised by all the chefs. In the end, Sun Woo brings her along to a magazine interview, but stops first for a whirlwind shopping trip. At the interview, Sun Woo hams it up for camera, then when he’s asked about his ideal type, he describes Bong Sun.


Meanwhile, Hye Young is appalled to find that Sun Woo has rejected her choice of girlfriend for him, PD So Hyeong (Park Jung Ah). So Hyeong gently asks her to back off on the subject, but Hye Young seems unconvinced.

Sun Woo and Soon Ae return from the photo shoot, only to find that Soon Ae’s room at the restaurant is totally flooded. Now that she’s reluctant to do anything with Sun Woo, lest she ascend to heaven, being forced to share a room with him is more of a problem than anything else. When Sun Woo makes a move on her, Soon Ae shoves him aside, and gives him the lame explanation of wanting to take things slow, much to Sun Woo’s confusion and annoyance.


The next day, Hye Young comes to the restaurant to harass Cordon Bleu trained chef, Joon (Kwak Si Yang), and try to set up Soon Ae with one of her colleagues. Sun Woo chases his mother away, but is so distracted in the kitchen that he accidentally burns Joon. Joon pretends that he’s fine, but Soon Ae notices that he has a burn on his back. Not wanting Sun Woo to find out, the two of them have to sneak around to apply ice and ointment. When Sun Woo catches Joon and Soon Ae together, he becomes jealous and angry at being two-timed, since neither one of them explains what’s going on. Tension escalates in the kitchen, as Sun Woo acts like a spoiled brat and sends Soon Ae out on a fool’s errand.


Soon Ae takes the opportunity to visit the restaurant of her father, Myeong Ho (Lee Dae Yeon). She catches him calling her old cell phone, and takes the opportunity to ask about her death. Soon Ae is shocked to learn that she committed suicide, and looks into her old diary to find that she’d booked a vacation for a week after her suicide date. She takes the diary with her when she leaves, but ends up blithely handing it over to Sung Jae to ask him to look into her own death. Sung Jae convinces her that it was suicide, but when he spots “2368” written in the diary, he decides to hang on to it.


Sun Woo begins to feel guilty when he overhears the chefs talking about the burn on Joon’s back, and soon discovers that Soon Ae was only helping Joon out. When Soon Ae returns to the restaurant, Sun Woo mistakes her distraction for anger. In the meantime, Soon Ae separates from Bong Sun to go talk to shaman, Suhbingo (Lee Jung Eun). Suhbingo turns out to be no help, and tells her to ascend as soon as possible.


Meanwhile, back at the restaurant, Sun Woo delivers a roundabout apology for misunderstanding things, by giving Bong Sun flowers and couple rings. When Soon Ae returns, she sees Sun Woo about to kiss Bong Sun and turns into an evil spirit, knocking Bong Sun over. Horrified at what she’s done, Soon Ae runs away. She comes back later that night and leaves a note for Bong Sun admitting her feelings for Sun Woo, and telling her goodbye.

When Bong Sun wakes up, she finds the note and goes chasing after Soon Ae. Sun Woo wakes up shortly after, and finding Bong Sun missing, goes chasing after her. When he finds Bong Sun on the street, she finally decides to go after him on her own, and hugs him.


The next day, Sung Jae’s partner, Jin Goo (Kim Sung Bum) gets out of the hospital. Sung Jae meets him and takes him out to eat at Myeong Ho’s restaurant. Jin Goo is upset at losing the CCTV footage of Eun Hee’s accident, but Sung Jae reassures him. Jin Goo can’t help but notice Sung Jae’s watch (which we know from episode 10 is the same as the one Jin Goo’s attacker was wearing).

Bong Sun is excited when Sun Woo invites her to go to the market, and doubly so when he adds that she looks prettier than usual. They’re overheard by chef, Ji Woong (Oh Eui Sik), who passes on the info to the other chefs. Joon already knows, of course, but keeps quiet. Dong Cheol (Choi Min Cheol) and sous chef, Min Soo (Kang Ki Young) refuse to believe him, with Min Soo insisting that Sun Woo is dating So Hyeong.


Back at the restaurant, Sun Woo and Bong Sun go through with their plan to sneak away to the market together. Sun Woo surprises her with stir-fried soondae while they’re there, since he believes it to be her favourite dish. In fact, Bong Sun can’t handle soondae at all, but is trapped into eating it by Soon Ae’s earlier words. Later, back at the restaurant, she’s trapped again when Sun Woo tells her to handle the next day’s appetizers, believing her to be as confident as Soon Ae.

That night, as Bong Sun preps the dish with Sun Woo, Sung Jae watches from the shadows, and cuts open his own hand with a knife as he leaves. While Bong Sun spends the entire night trying to get the eggplant dish right, Sung Jae goes home to Eun Hee, and lashes out at her when she fusses over his injured hand.


The next day, the eggplant dish is a hit, and things seem to be going well, until the TV crew come over for a restaurant shoot. The director is in a bad mood, and So Hyeong has some trouble placating him. When the director starts ordering Bong Sun around, Sun Woo steps in and announces that they’re dating, much to the shock of Min Soo. Later, Min Soo tries to suck up to Bong Sun with mixed results.

Having spent a long time lying listlessly on Suhbingo’s floor, Soon Ae finally comes out of her daze and asks Suhbingo to do the ritual that will let her finally move on. But, first, Soon Ae goes to visit her father and brother, then decides to see Sun Woo one last time.


Meanwhile, So Hyeong takes Sun Woo and Bong Sun out for drinks. Sun Woo is called away by Sung Jae to pick up Eun Hee, leaving So Hyeong and Bong Sun alone. The two women continue drinking, and So Hyeong apologizes for trying to get in between her and Sun Woo, while an oblivious Bong Sun gets drunk. As she parts from So Hyeong, Bong Sun’s guilt gets the better of her. She thinks back to her childhood where she was shunned for being gloomy and weird, and uses it to justify letting Soon Ae take over her body to trick Sun Woo into liking her.


In the meantime, Sung Jae breaks into a car, and uses it to try to run over Bong Sun, but she’s saved at the last minute by Soon Ae. Bong Sun apologizes to Soon Ae and thanks her, as Soon Ae says her goodbyes, and leaves. As she walks away, Soon Ae spots Sung Jae sitting in the car that ran Bong Sun down, and watches in horror as Sung Jae attacks and kills an angry passer-by. Terrified, Soon Ae goes back to Suhbingo’s apartment, and tells her about Sung Jae trying to kill Bong Sun.


Bong Sun runs into Sun Woo outside the restaurant, and Sun Woo asks her to make fried rice for him (like Soon Ae did earlier), since he wants to learn to eat rice with her. After he eats, the two of them go to Namsan, something Soon Ae had asked to do. They go to the top of the tower, and Sun Woo recounts how grateful he was to Bong Sun for being by his side at his lowest point, when his school friends came to the restaurant. Bong Sun can’t enjoy this nice moment at all, because Sun Woo is obviously talking about Soon Ae and not her.


Unable to stand it anymore, Bong Sun confesses that she’s not the one he likes, but rather a ghost possessing her body. As she runs away, Sun Woo is so shocked that he’s actually speechless.



This was a pretty sad note to end on, but I’m glad that everything is finally out in the open. It’s been hard to enjoy a lot of the cute moments on this show, because it’s always in the back of my mind that Soon Ae’s interest in Sun Woo is hopeless and that the insecure Bong Sun will have no idea if Sun Woo actually likes her or Soon Ae. It was a recipe for disaster, and now that it’s happened, it’s actually a relief. From this point forward, even if it’s terrible, at least Sun Woo and Bong Sun can deal with each other without an intermediary.

The thing I like most about this show, aside from the great characters, is that actions have consequences that make sense. Soon Ae dragged Bong Sun out of her depression and inability to act, but in the process, ran roughshod over Bong Sun’s life and forced herself into a corner. Bong Sun used Soon Ae to get Sun Woo to fall in love with her, but didn’t count on the fact that she wouldn’t be able to deal with the fallout. Now, the two of them are paying the price, with Sun Woo as collateral damage. As for Sun Woo, being confused about whether Bong Sun wants sex or not is the least of his problems, given that he has no idea who he fell for (assuming that he even believed Bong Sun).

And, let’s not ignore the Sung Jae situation. Bong Sun is in the path of a murderous evil spirit, and the clock is ticking on Soon Ae’s ability to do anything about it. And, what about Eun Hee? Does she have any idea about the man she married? On the upside, now that the situation is as dire as it can get, I guess we have nowhere to go but up?

Oh My Ghost (오 나의 귀신님)

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  1. And what if Soon-Ae isn’t really dead? What if she is a coma somewhere? Did they find her body? Why isn’t any scene of her father and brother visiting her ashes?
    In master’s sun, Tae gong sil was in a coma for 3 years after an accident. I would love the end of this drama if Soon-Ae returns and stay with chef hahhaha


    1. She might not be dead… but I feel like it would be a cheat if that’s how it turned out. That said, her death was ruled a suicide, which means it’s likely that they found her body.


  2. But maybe it was considered suicide because she supposedly jump in the river after living a goodbye note (like the policeman said) and they never found the body. It can explain the fact that her father keeps calling her cellphone. I confess that I have a strong hope on this theory. I really want a way to chef and Soon-Ae stay together in the end, and bong sun will be able to start again with someone who likes her for who she is…. I like the idea of Bong sun and Joon. ♡ since the beginning Joon was worried and even jealous about her, and when Soon-Ae came they relationship became more “friendship” which means that he had feelings for the real Na bong sun.


    1. I totally ship Bong Sun and Joon together too~ they’re really cute and Joon is basically the perfect second lead (but with less screen time). Although it would be lame for Soon Ae to still be alive, it would be a nice ending.


  3. Lina, you are hitting all the right notes for me. This is something that I have been trying to say in the official drama threads but the hate just keep on coming lol I think Joon likes the real BS whereas SW began to have feelings for SA after a series of events that brought them closer from the cooking competitions, getting her sick after their first kiss, and comforting him about his HS bully. All these events laid down the framework for their relationship. I don’t see how it’s fair that BS deserves to be with SW when she did not do the work.


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