Founding Farmers

There is a lineup outside this popular Washington DC brunch place all the time. We arrived at their listed opening time of 9:00 am, and yet, the restaurant was already packed.

We did not have a reservation, so we were offered a table on the condition that we clear out from our table by 10:15 am. Having just over an hour to eat was not a problem, because we hoovered the food.

I ordered the Breakfast Chicken & Waffles, while my significant other ordered the Crab Benedict with Farmers Salad. The waffle and fried chicken were surprisingly light tasting, making it an acceptable brunch item in my opinion. The crab was fresh with a perfectly poached egg. On the basis of these two dishes alone, I would say that Founding Farmers lives up to the hype.

Founding Farmers, 1924 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington DC

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