Wednesday Pic-me-up: Kim Nam Gil likes to travel

Kim Nam Gil CeCi

Throughout “Bad Guy”, I could barely stand Kim Nam Gil’s mustache. Yet, it is working for me in this photo.

Apparently, when Kim Nam Gil came out of the army, he went backpacking in New Zealand for a month, then invited Marie Claire to serve as his travel photographer. The same magazine took photos of him in Las Vegas, too. The results in both cases were pretty nice. Maybe, Kim Nam Gil’s mustache just travels well.

Kim Nam Gil lake




  1. OMG you have no idea how many times I watch Bad Guy! I watch it when it was live telecast – raw. I saw it when it was fully subbed. And then, I saw it over and over and over again because you know… It’s Kim Nam Gil! He was so bloody cool in that drama! Dang, *crank up the fan* he’s one hawtie!


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