October Photofest: Gimme some sugar

The only thing better than photographs of attractive people are photographs of good looking people stuffing something naughty into their mouths.

Kim Seul Gi

Kim Seul Gi is putting something delicious to her face, and it coordinates with her outfit, too. Bravo, Kim Seul Gi!


Poor Heechul appears to be rolling ineffectually towards the petit fours.
Heechul Ceci May 2014

Lee Jong Suk

It’s good that Lee Jong Suk has such white teeth, because a steady diet of chocolate could put that smile at risk.

Ji Chang Wook

My co-blogger, Only picked this photo, because she loves Nutella. Maybe she can explain the theme that brought together chocolate fingers, a red turtleneck, and speakers for furniture.

Choi Siwon

Call me paranoid, but I am convinced that Choi Siwon is going to be wearing that ice cream. I am just speaking from personal trauma.

Readers: Was this a trick or treat?

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