Tasty Tuesday: Shrimp Butter Boil!

Given all the options at the Grand Central Market in Los Angeles, it was difficult to pick where to eat. Coming from Toronto, seafood was high up on our list, so we decided to check out Bombo, not knowing that we were hitting up the market stall of fancy-schmancy California chef, Mark Peel.

Luckily, our ignorance didn’t stop us from enjoying the shrimp butter boil, which consisted of shrimp, potatoes, and corn over steamed rice in a buttery lobster broth. In an effort to try as much food as possible at the market, we split one serving, but it turned out to be pretty substantial (not that it stopped us from eating more). While this dish didn’t blow me away, it was perfectly cooked and really well seasoned. Also, anything covered in butter is good.

Bombo Foods, Grand Central Market, Los Angeles

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