October Photofest: Poolside

Being poolside means a skin show. Unless you’re a K-drama actor doing an editorial shoot for a magazine.

Bae Doo Na

Bae Doo Na gives a disdainful look at the pool from the comfort of her tight leather skirt and boots.

Bae Doo Na pool

Lee Dong Wook

It’s night time so, it’s probably best that Lee Dong Wook stay out of the water, and away from any real crocodiles.


Lee Sang Yoon

Well, at least Lee Sang Yoon got his feet wet, even if he kept his pants on.

Lee Sang Yoon pool

Song Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo has dipped a toe in the water, but the outfit tells me that she has no intention on diving in.

Song Ji Hyo poolside

Readers: Was this a trick or treat?

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