October Photofest: Tattoo you

Sometimes, K-drama actors like to get tattoos. Sometimes, they just like to get tattoos for photo shoots. Here are some photos of this phenomenon.

Ji Sung

Ji Sung takes nice photos, even when he’s trying to look sleazy. Maybe, especially then.


Do Sang Woo

Tattoos, glitter – there’s nothing not to like about this photo. Unless you don’t like either of those things, in which case, you’re in the wrong post. Here’s a more crowd pleasing one about animals.


So Ji Sub

This might be the only real tattoo in this post. If you don’t believe me, look into So Ji Sub’s soulful eyes. Would he lie to you?


Seo Kang Joon

I have trouble squaring this photo with my memories of Kang Dash Man.


Readers: Was this photo set a trick or treat?

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