October Photofest: Kim Tan wants his sweater back

It’s impossible to think of sweaters without thinking of the nightmare that was Kim Tan’s wardrobe in “Heirs”. Here are some K-drama actors who stayed warm while making our blood run cold.

Song Joong Ki

Did Song Joong Ki borrow this sweater from Kim Tan? I don’t think Kim Tan is getting it back.

Song Joong Ki

Lee Jong Suk

I wish I had an explanation for what’s happening on this sweater, but I’m as nonplussed as Lee Jong Suk in this photo.


Yoo Ah In

Yoo Ah In doesn’t know what to make of Lee Jong Suk’s sweater either.


Lee Min Ho

Just be glad you can’t see the rest of this sweater. I’ve seen it, and Lee Min Ho definitely borrowed it from Kim Tan.


Miura Haruma

Kim Tan’s sweaters have come to life and they’re out for blood. Look! One of them is eating Miura Haruma!


Readers: Was this a trick or treat?

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