Bang Bang Ice Cream

The wait outside Bang Bang Ice Cream can be an hour long during the summer so visiting the popular bakery and ice creamery in December is not as ludicrous an idea as one might think.

The ice cream sandwiches are what everyone line up for. I chose the oatmeal cookie with date and two kinds of raisins in combination with London Fog (Earl Grey tea flavoured) ice cream. The cookie was not as soft and chewy as I would have liked since biting down on it pushed the ice cream filling out too easily. However, the cookie was delicious and the ice cream had a subtle sweetness that I enjoyed.

My significant other got the Big Bang Cone, which is Bang Bang’s version of the Hong Kong waffle shaped into a cone. I am not usually a fan of the Hong Kong waffle, because I find that they smell more aromatic than they taste. So, I was impressed at how flavourful I found the Bang Bang waffle. Inside the cone, he chose Thank You Very Matcha and Totaro, which featured strong matcha and taro flavours without overpowering each other.

Based on my experience, I now understand what the fuss is about.

Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery, 93½ Ossington Avenue, Toronto

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