1. All I’m saying is during one of their parties, Young Ho should drop some mad rhymes and then announce his real dream to dad—to be on SMTM5. And then Season 2 of Oh My Venus can be about making your dream a reality.
    Zico: Pass.
    Verbal Jint:*questions life choices*
    Tablo: *solves world hunger*


  2. I’ve been giving it a thought, who looks best with So Ji Sub. Gong Hyo Jin or SHin Min Ah. It was a tough choice and though GHJ and SJS looks good together and closer in age, there’s a little extra “something” with So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah. And when he held her hand while going up the stage for the KBS award for one of the BEST COUPLE, that sealed the deal for me.


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