Happy New Year, and here were the winners of 2015

It is now 2016, and we have another year of K-dramas to look forward to, along with the second anniversary of Noonas Over Forks. However, let us look back to the end of 2015 when K-drama award season was in full swing. It is usually a chance for the networks to thank their stars, so let’s just focus on what really matters: the red carpet.

sbs 2015
Joo Ji Hoon’s polka dot tuxedo makes me love him even more. Also, I like to think that Yoo Ah In’s hand gestures mean, “I didn’t win the Daesang, but I’m rich.” Kim Yoo Jung looks very pretty in pink. Byun Yo Han wears a bow tie with facial hair. Joo Won is less cheesy on the red carpet than he is in fashion spreads. 2015 SBS Drama Awards

Lee Soo Hyuk MBC 2015
Lee Soo Hyuk’s jacket is mesmerizing, Lee Yoo Bi looks shocked by her own outfit, and Kim Sung Ryung looks pretty damn sexy. 2015 MBC Drama Awards

kbs15 sojisub shinmina
So Ji Sub picked up a Top Excellence trophy for “Oh My Venus” before the drama has even finished. Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun make a pretty hot couple. Seo In Guk looked so dapper. Park Bo Gum is very cute. Jang Hyuk needs a hair cut. Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun show their faces. 2015 KBS Drama Awards

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