One More Happy Ending episode 8 recap

Side dish: Here’s a recipe for Cornmeal Hoecakes from Bon Appétit. I’ll be honest: I linked these here because I’m immature and the name cracked me up.

Episode Recap


Mi Mo (Jang Na Ra) is horrified to walk in on her boyfriend, Hae Joon (Kwon Yool) blowing on the eye of his ex-wife, Yeon Soo (Hwang Sun Hee) who proceeds to ask him if he’d be interested in getting back together. He’s not enthusiastic, but he doesn’t get a chance to respond when she presses the point, because he finally notices the presence of Mi Mo.

Mi Mo and Hae Joon proceed to have an argument, with Mi Mo pointing out that he doesn’t need to be so friendly with his ex-wife, and Hae Joon refusing to concede the point. He finally admits that there might be feelings left over, and walks away.


At her school, Dong Mi (Yoo In Na) gets a surprise in the form of a bucket of water in her face from the wife of Wook (Kim Min Joon), her boyfriend. Dong Mi discovers that Wook had a habit of conning women by selling them used goods and then dating them for their money. Traumatized, Dong Mi goes home and cries under the shower, as Ae Ran pounds on the door outside.


Ah Ni (Lee Chae Eun), reporter for Mass Punch, is met at the airport by Hyun Ki, one of her colleagues. As they drive back, Hyun Ki reveals that her crush, Soo Hyuk (Jung Kyung Ho) is on a blind date. Of course, their next stop is the location of Soo Hyuk’s blind date. As Soo Hyuk tries to carry on and ignore them, a furious Ah Ni won’t keep quiet. Finally, his date is driven away by his distraction, and Ah Ni demands to know why he would be looking for someone else when he has her. Soo Hyuk baldly points out that he has no feelings for her, nor curiosity about her as a person.

Meanwhile, Mi Mo walks away from her argument with Hae Joon, disappointed that he didn’t come after her. Hae Joon, meanwhile, takes Yeon Soo’s head off for asking if he’s okay. Yeon Soo goes back to her office and flashes back to their marriage, when she tried to get proof of Hae Joon’s feelings by making him jealous. Mi Mo, meanwhile, drinks and tortures herself with thoughts of feelings rekindling between old flames.


Soo Hyuk walks a weeping Ah Ni home, and leaves her with the wish that she finds someone who will love her. When he goes home, he finds a drunken Mi Mo outside her apartment. He tries to help her get into her apartment, but instead, she barfs on him and passes out. She ends up asleep in his bed while he cleans up her mess in the hallway.

Ae Ran wakes up in Dong Mi’s apartment, and gets into bed with a sleeping Dong Mi. Dong Mi, meanwhile, is dreaming that a Cupid (a cameo I can’t identify) has arrived and gives her his quiver to pick an arrow out of (i.e. a man). But, whenever she picks one out, he dismisses the guy as out of her league. Defeated, Cupid leaves, but forgets one arrow behind. Dong Mi clutches Ae Ran’s foot, dreaming of the forgotten arrow.

Da Jung (Yoo Da In) goes to a lingerie store and picks out the prettiest bra they have. She goes home, and puts it away, still in the box, in her underwear drawer.


Meanwhile, in her drunken stupor, Mi Mo takes off her clothes, just in time for a freshly showered Soo Hyuk to find her passed out on his bed in her lingerie. After struggling to get her covered up, Soo Hyuk goes to have a disturbed sleep on the couch.

The next morning, Mi Mo wakes up to a call from Hae Joon, that he’s outside of her apartment. Panicked, Mi Mo fails to come up with a convincing reason for not answering the door (she could have said she was out), and pretends that she’s too angry to forgive him that easily. Mi Mo informs Hae Joon that he has to return three times for her to forgive him. As Hae Joon agrees and walks away, Mi Mo screams, suddenly realizing where she is and what she’s wearing. Her scream awakens Soo Hyuk, who is sleeping with his son, Min Woo. As Mi Mo questions him about what happened the night before, a smug Soo Hyuk points out that she was the one who behaved badly, to the point of stripping down in a house with a kid in it. An abashed Mi Mo runs back to her apartment.


It’s the glummest lunch ever as Dong Mi, Mi Mo and Ae Ran complain about their man troubles. Da Jung trumps them all, by announcing that she has breast cancer. All three women are shocked, but over the next few days, they come together to make her feel better. Later, at the office, Mi Mo gets a call from Soo Hyuk, about the opening of a time capsule at their elementary school and the two of them arrange to go together.

On the day that Da Jung goes into the hospital, Mi Mo picks up Da Jung’s son, Tae Yong, who believes that his mother is leaving because he broke up his parents’ marriage. Mi Mo takes Tae Yong to Da Jung’s hospital, and Tae Yong apologizes to his mother for not knowing she was hurting.

As if on cue, Yeon Soo walks in (she’s Da Jung’s doctor), and her and Mi Mo trade harsh looks. Luckily, they save their bitchy conversation for the nearest coffee shop, where the two of them throw down over Hae Joon. Mi Mo gets the last word in as she tells Yeon Soo that she won’t forgive her for doing a bad job with Da Jung. Meanwhile, back in the hospital room, Dong Mi and Ae Ran plot revenge against Wook.

Da Jung’s husband, Gun Hak (Kim Tae Hoon) goes home to his empty apartment to pack up his things to move out. He’s stopped in his tracks when Tae Yong comes home, and blurts out that Da Jung is sick. Gun Hak cries as he thinks back to how he rejected Da Jung when she needed comfort.


Dong Mi and Ae Ran find Wook in the middle of seducing another victim. He’s defiant at first, but crumbles as they bring out their goons. Wook gives in to Dong Mi’s demand that he return her money.

As Da Jung goes in to surgery, the three friends wait outside with Tae Yong. Meanwhile, Gun Hak meets with Yeon Soo, who tells him that her surgery was successful and that Da Jung will need love and care from her husband. Later, Gun Hak can’t bring himself to visit Da Jung in her hospital room.


Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk set off for their elementary school trip, despite Mi Mo’s reservations. When they stop for food, Mi Mo asks Soo Hyuk what he put in the time capsule, but he avoids the question and flashes back to their childhood, when he tried to get Mi Mo a jewelry box she wanted. Back in the present, he tells her it was something that cost him a lot of money, and Mi Mo points out that his family must have been well off if they moved to the States. Soo Hyuk tells her that he hadn’t been happy to leave.

It’s snowing and sunny later on, as Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo hand out the contents of the time capsule to the kids of this year’s class. Soo Hyuk doesn’t want to give his own away, and excuses himself by saying that it’s not appropriate for kids. The kid demands it anyway, and Soo Hyuk is forced to agree to buy him a replacement. Meanwhile, Mi Mo hands out her lucky Tinkerbell to a skeptical kid.


The snow is coming down hard, as Mi Mo phones a suspicious Hae Joon to tell him that she went with Soo Hyuk to hr elementary school event. The weather is more ominous than Hae Joon’s expression as Mi Mo is informed that the roads are closed and she and Soo Hyuk are stuck sleeping in the school. Mi Mo protests the fact that as a male and female, they’re expected to room together, but Soo Hyuk adds that he’s an upstanding adult. An unconvinced Mi Mo flounces out to go to the bathroom. Soo Hyuk, meanwhile, contemplates the jewelry box from the time capsule.

On the way back from the bathroom, Mi Mo decides to explore the science class, when the lights suddenly go out. Mi Mo starts to panic when she finds that the door has locked behind her, and finally screams. Back in their room, Soo Hyuk finds a flashlight when he hears Mi Mo scream. He breaks down the door of the science room to find Mi Mo unconscious on the floor with a plastic skeleton on top of her.


Back in their room, Mi Mo is still unconscious as a useless doctor comes and goes, leaving Soo Hyuk alone with her. Soo Hyuk confesses his feelings to her sleeping face, intending never to say it again. When he leaves to get his emotions under control, Mi Mo’s eyes open and it’s obvious that she heard everything.


You may or may not know that I hate love triangles, and I can’t say I like the way this one is shaping up. I’m not going to harp on about it, but let me just get this much off my chest: There was enough comedic chemistry between Jung Kyung Ho and Jang Na Ra to have carried them through something that played like a straight comedy with a romance thrown in. Any number of ideas come to mind, like Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo being colleagues at Mass Punch and competing over gossip. Instead, we travel down the well-worn path of love triangles and angst, and wonder how we ended up here again. And, last point, I refuse to cover any more shows where Kwon Yool doesn’t get the girl. How does he do it? Hae Joon is a little scary, but Kwon Yool is still strangely cute.

Okay, enough carping. This was a bit of a glum episode, but I’ve decided to be optimistic and take this to be the turning point. With Soo Hyuk’s feelings now apparent, Mi Mo can make an informed, and hopefully mostly untraumatic, choice about who she wants to be with. With Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo’s story picking up, it also looks like the rest of the Angels are moving towards their own happy endings. Da Jung’s illness is now out in the open, which may push Gun Hak towards actively trying to reconcile (open that door!). Or maybe Da Jung will bridge the gap instead? However it goes, hopefully it goes somewhere; watching those two make sad eyes at each other was beginning to border on painful.

I’m not going to deal with Dong Mi, because I have trouble feeling any sympathy for her, given her previous shallow behaviour. I also have trouble swallowing Yoo In Na as an unattractive character; glasses and messy hair would make me unattractive, too, so I’m just going to pretend she doesn’t exist and carry on. As for Ae Ran, she’s rapidly turning into my favourite character of this show. She’s more entertaining when she’s angry than when she’s sadly contemplating marriage, so go kick your husband’s ass, Ae Ran!

One More Happy Ending (한번 더 해피엔딩)

One More Happy Ending

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  1. I actually liked parts of this episode and that surprised me–I like that the girls came together for Da Jung, it speaks well of their friendship, and the same with Ah Ran and Dong Mi, still I want Dong Mi to discover she doesnt need a man to “be happy.”
    Also why is the Gun Hak/Da Jung story line more interesting? I’m rooting hard for these two to pull their heads out of their asses and come together again.
    I liked the Mimo/Soohyun moments.
    Kwon Yool I swear you better be a first lead in your next drama or I’m disowning you.


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