Tasty Tuesday: Tenoch Restaurant

Having spent the day on a food tour that involved more walking than eating, we finally filled our bellies with delicious Mexican food at Tenoch Restaurant. Tenoch is a family-run place in the St. Clair West area, with a casual vibe and a price point to match. The food comes fresh, with substantial portions. On the advice of our third diner, we ordered chilaquiles con bistec, ensalada de nopales, and a chicharron con queso quesadilla. To drink, JK and our third ordered a medicinal michelada with Corona, while I stuck to the passable horchata.

For those who don’t have the joy of Google Translate when ordering, chicharron is pork skin, frequently with some meat attached to it. In this case, it had been cooked to a soft consistency, and with the addition of the cheese and the hot sauces on the side, it was delicious (and also full of collagen, so it’s good for your skin! Healthy!).

Next up was the chilaquiles, nacho chips with green sauce and beef, covered in cheese. This is one of our third diner’s favourite dishes here, and it’s easy to see why; it’s a messy flavour bomb. And, in case it’s too mild for your taste buds, there’s always the hot sauce on the side. Arriving last to cool our tongues, ensalada de nopales is cactus salad. Visually, there wasn’t much to separate it from the chilaquiles, as it sat on a bed of tortillas and was covered in cheese. The nopales themselves were the standout ingredient of this dish, like a slightly tart green bean. It was a nice note to end a very filling meal on.

Tenoch has a pretty serious menu, but the Noonas will probably go back for the lamb barbacoa on Sundays.

Tenoch Restaurant (be warned, this website has a soundtrack) 933 St. Clair West, Toronto

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