One More Happy Ending episode 10 recap

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Episode Recap

As reporter Soo Hyuk (Jung Kyung Ho) protects Mi Mo (Jang Na Ra), a hail of eggs, rocks and random objects flies at them from the enraged fans of Seul Ah (Sandara Park), who blame Mi Mo for Seul Ah’s miscarriage. Later, in the car, Mi Mo is traumatized into silence, while Soo Hyuk, who took the brunt of the attack, worries about her.

One More Happy Ending 10.1

Soo Hyuk drops off Mi Mo at her apartment, and unplugs all of her electronic devices and turns off her phone in an effort to shield her from the hatred of Seul Ah’s fans. She mechanically assures him that she’ll be fine, and sends him on his way.

Soo Hyuk goes to the office of Mass Punch, where he works and lambastes the reporter who dug up Mi Mo’s story, then his editor for publishing it. His editor is unapologetic, but points out that Soo Hyuk’s sudden anger has made him sexy.

Back at Mi Mo’s apartment, Mi Mo’s boyfriend, Hae Joon (Kwon Yool) belatedly arrives to comfort Mi Mo, and proceeds to say all the wrong things, while Mi Mo thinks back to Soo Hyuk saying all the right ones. Hae Joon suggests they go out in the end, and as they drive away, they’re spotted by Soo Hyuk’s son, Min Woo.

One More Happy Ending 10.2

Back in the hospital, Mi Mo’s friends, Ae Ran (Seo In Young) and Dong Mi (Yoo In Na) tell their other friend, Da Jung (Yoo Da In) that Mi Mo was rushed away by a man they didn’t recognize (it was Soo Hyuk). Confused, Da Jung tells them to go visit Mi Mo.

There’s no one at Mi Mo’s apartment, but Min Woo spots them outside the door as he gets home. Min Woo tells them that Mi Mo left with a man, and unaware that he’s Soo Hyuk’s son, they try to describe Soo Hyuk and Hae Joon to ascertain which man Mi Mo left with. When he confirms that it’s Hae Joon, the two women are relieved, since Mi Mo left with her boyfriend. Min Woo is disappointed at the news that Mi Mo and Hae Joon are dating. Meanwhile, Soo Hyuk spends the night at the office, writing the story of what really happened between Mi Mo, Seul Ah, and her ex-boyfriend, Jung Hoon (Lee Dong Ha).

One More Happy Ending 10.3

Hae Joon and Mi Mo are somewhere in the countryside in a traditional house, and Mi Mo talks about her regrets over debuting as an Angel, and the hardships she’s had to endure because of it. Hae Joon doesn’t say much, but comforts her regardless.

While out for drinks, Soo Hyuk’s colleague warns him against trying to defend Mi Mo in the press, advising him to let it boil over instead. Soo Hyuk has trouble letting go of the idea, because he feels guilty that his work had hurt Mi Mo.

The next morning, Mi Mo turns on her phone to discover trouble brewing at work. She runs out of her apartment, past a concerned Soo Hyuk, and straight to the police station. Mi Mo discovers that her company has been charged with fraud. The same man who complained at her singles matching event has pressed charges for matching his ex-wife with a fraudster. His complaints turn out to be legitimate, and it gets even worse when it’s discovered that the fraudster gave them a large tip. Mi Mo’s assistant wonders if they should call Da Jung to see if she can help, but Mi Mo refuses to bother her. Meanwhile, Soo Hyuk, who has followed Mi Mo to the police station, makes a call to look for someone.

One More Happy Ending 10.4

Meanwhile, Hae Joon gets home to find his ex-wife and co-worker, Yeon Soo (Hwang Sun Hee) waiting to talk to him. He ignores her, but she persists, apologizing over causing trouble with Mi Mo. They awkwardly drink coffee at Hae Joon’s apartment, where Yeon Soo asks him what he likes about Mi Mo. Hae Joon likes that she makes him laugh, but Yeon Soo is not impressed. She points out that his perception of their relationship is all about himself, that while he was laughing, Yeon Soo left him. Hae Joon looks stricken as Yeon Soo gets up to leave.

Back at the hospital, Da Jung sits outside and compares herself to withered flowers. Meanwhile, her husband, Gun Hak (Kim Tae Hoon) watches from a distance and remembers when they were still dating, when Da Jung asked him to wear couple shirts at an amusement park, pointing out that she was still 22 and had a lot she wanted to do before getting married.

One More Happy Ending 10.5

Back at her office, Mi Mo walks into a huge ruckus as irate customers demand their money back. She tries to defend the company, but one of the protesters points out that his second wife ran off with his money. Mi Mo has no response.

At the Mass Punch office, Soo Hyuk’s colleague tells him that the people he’s looking for are both in Hong Kong. Later, Soo Hyuk convinces his editor to print an article explaining that Mi Mo was the one wronged by the love triangle, but tells him to hold off until he decides to do it.

On his way home, Soo Hyuk spots Mi Mo sitting outside in a park, and sits down with her. He explains about the possibility of publishing another article, but Mi Mo is too distraught and can’t make up her mind.

One More Happy Ending 10.6

Back at her apartment, a stumbling Mi Mo finally collapses. Meanwhile, Soo Hyuk is in his own apartment contemplating going to Hong Kong to track down the fraudster who tricked Mi Mo’s company. He goes over to Mi Mo’s, but when she doesn’t respond to his knocks or his calls, Soo Hyuk gets security to open the door. He finds Mi Mo unconscious on the floor, and calls 911.

When they get to the hospital, a frantic Soo Hyuk is confronted by Hae Joon, who would rather fight with Soo Hyuk than find out what’s wrong with his girlfriend. Soo Hyuk shrugs a stricken Hae Joon off, telling him that he can only think about Mi Mo right now. Later, with Mi Mo still unconscious, but recovering, Soo Hyuk leaves, telling Hae Joon to take care of her. Just outside, Soo Hyuk cries his eyes out, thinking back to when Soon Soo died.

One More Happy Ending 10.8

Hae Joon, meanwhile, thinks of the moment when Yeon Soo told him that he misses the crucial moments, because he thinks about himself first. Later, when Mi Mo wakes up, Hae Joon tells her that he didn’t know that things were so difficult for her.

Soo Hyuk goes to the airport to fly to Hong Kong, while his colleague tells his editor to print the article exonerating Mi Mo in the scandal with Seul Ah. The editor is hesitant because of the consequences to Soo Hyuk from Seul Ah’s fans and from her company, but goes ahead anyway. Back at home, Mi Mo weeps in relief as Dong Mi and Ae Ran hug her.

The next day, Seul Ah’s crazed fans protest outside the Mass Punch office, demanding Soo Hyuk’s head. Meanwhile, back at Mi Mo’s office, Mi Mo doesn’t have long to dwell on Soo Hyuk, because she gets a new client in the form of Conan O’Brien (yes, the real Conan O’Brien), who first tells her that she’s his ideal type, then encourages her to be strong in love.

One More Happy Ending 10.9

All the women on Da Jung’s floor of the hospital lose their minds over the arrival of a hot doctor, nicknamed Yon-sama. His appearance serves as a teaching point to the lurking Gun Hak, that women still want to be loved, even when they’re sick.

Ae Ran prepares Dong Mi for her date with the younger man, by dressing her and doing her makeup. She cautions Dong Mi against letting him call her noona, pointing out that this will be the end of romance. When she sends Dong Mi off, Ae Ran gets a text from her estranged husband, Dong Bae (Park Eun Seok) telling her that he’s arranging a housewarming.

Dong Mi, meanwhile, goes to meet her younger flower boy beau, who calls her by her name, and wins me over by taking her immediately out to eat. Da Jung, meanwhile, gets flowers and compliments from her son, Tae Yong, who is acting as proxy for Gun Hak, who is still lurking outside her hospital room.

One More Happy Ending 10.10

Ae Ran arrives at her housewarming, to discover that Dong Bae has arranged it to placate her employees. Ae Ran refuses to play along and calls him outside the restaurant instead. Dong Bae wants to start their marriage officially, but Ae Ran refuses. Their conversation devolves into a wrestling match that looks oddly like dancing, and when they tire themselves out, Dong Bae tells her that he cheated on her, because she hurt him so much during their relationship. He asks if she’ll move in if he promises to be faithful to her.

Mi Mo calls Soo Hyuk, but discovers that he hasn’t arrived back in the country yet. Soo Hyuk arrives at the airport empty-handed, except for a promise from the person in Hong Kong. They make good on their promise, as Mi Mo gets a visit from her client and her husband (the alleged fraudster) to explain what happened. Worried about the opinion of her children about her kind, but poor fiancé, the woman had asked him to fabricate documents that made him look richer than he was, then ran off to Hong Kong to escape them. In the meantime, her children had taken the documents to the police to make her husband out to be a fraudster, and Mi Mo’s company to be at fault. As the couple leave, they tell Mi Mo about Soo Hyuk visiting them in Hong Kong.

One More Happy Ending 10.11

Back at the Mass Punch office, Soo Hyuk gets yelled at by the owner of Seul Ah’s agency, then mobbed by Seul Ah’s crazy fans, who are intent on wasting food by throwing it at Soo Hyuk. Mi Mo sees this from a distance, but is prevented from helping him by Soo Hyuk’s colleague, who points out that she’ll just make things worse.

Later, at the park near their apartment, Mi Mo cries her heart out as she thinks about Soo Hyuk’s selflessness and love for her. She’s interrupted by the arrival of Soo Hyuk, and the two of them look at each other and wonder what would have happened if their timing had been better.

One More Happy Ending 10.12


Before we get to our main threesome, let’s talk about everyone else. Or, better yet, let me rant a little. What the hell, Gun Hak? I mean, I get that seven years of miserable marriage is a lot to overcome, but this constant lurking is getting a little disturbing. Maybe it’s romantic to learn what your wife needs while spying on her in the hospital, but maybe it would be even better to find out by having an honest conversation with her.

Meanwhile, I don’t know what’s going on with Dong Bae and Ae Ran. Is it that the two of them spent their courtship cheating on each other, and they’re now going to commit to not cheating on each other? If that’s it, then maybe Dong Bae’s original suggestion of an open marriage was a better idea. Luckily, I don’t really care what happens to these two.

Rant over, let’s talk about Soo Hyuk and Mi Mo. I’m not Hae Joon’s biggest fan (despite Kwon Yool’s weird mojo), but even I have to admit it’s not fair to compare him to Soo Hyuk. It would be impossible for anyone, much less Hae Joon, to compete with a guy who throws away his whole career and runs off to Hong Kong just to protect Mi Mo from a scandal.

On the other hand, I wish that the rules of attraction were all about liking the person who is the most devoted to you, but we can all agree it doesn’t work that way. Even though “One More Happy Ending” has only a passing acquaintance  with reality, it would have been nice if Mi Mo could have figured out her feelings for Soo Hyuk for the usual reasons, like loving him for being him, and not for being the guy who repeatedly rescues her.

Anyway. The Conan O’Brien bit was pretty funny, if only because it was so odd to see him in a K-drama.

One More Happy Ending 10.13

One More Happy Ending (한번 더 해피엔딩)

One More Happy Ending

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