One More Happy Ending episode 13 recap

Side dish: It was hard to get through this episode, so I would have appreciated the delicious distraction of Honey Butter Potato Chips. Koreans are so crazy for them that they are hard to find, so try making your own using this recipe.

Episode Recap

After meeting each other halfway, Mi Mo (Jang Na Ra) and Soo Hyuk (Jung Kyung Ho) kiss. Then, Soo Hyuk warms up Mi Mo’s feet with his hands before placing them back in her high heels. In front of their apartments, Soo Hyuk attempts to kiss Mi Mo, but he is shoved back by her when his son, Min Woo shows up.

One More Happy Ending 13.1

Min Woo pretends to be unaware of the situation, but he knows that his father’s decision to return to the US recently was the result of his heartbreak over Mi Mo. Mi Mo senses Min Woo’s disapproval, but Soo Hyuk tells her not to worry. The next morning, he reveals his new dating status with Mi Mo to Min Woo. Min Woo diplomatically claims that he is happy that his father is happy.

After finding one of Mi Mo’s forlorn post-it notes stuck on his door, Soo Hyuk decides to cover her door with his own cheerful post-it notes. A pleased Mi Mo is intercepted in the car park by Soo Hyuk to be taken for American style coffee, because it is a dream of his to have coffee with her in the morning. Then, Soo Hyuk gives Mi Mo a prepared lunch, and tells her that he will make dinner for her. Things get saucy as Soo Hyuk proposes wearing nothing but an apron.

One More Happy Ending 13.2

Mi Mo hurriedly hides Soo Hyuk’s elaborate lunch just as Da Jung (Yoo Da In) comes into her office. She tells Mi Mo about the couples retreat that her husband, Gun Hak (Kim Tae Hoon) has proposed that they attend, which Mi Mo is supportive of. Mi Mo expresses worry about what job Soo Hyuk can get, and asks Da Jung for her input. Little does Mi Mo know, Soo Hyuk has already gotten a job as a wedding and baby photographer.

Dong Mi (Yoo In Na) has been avoiding her younger boyfriend, Jung Woo after learning that he is actually nine years younger than her. Jung Woo comes looking for her at her school, and Dong Mi accuses him of being a huckster. Jung Woo protests, proclaims his feelings, and kisses her. The heads of the women, children and security watching on, explode.

One More Happy Ending 13.3

Hae Joon (Kwon Yool) is drinking coffee with his ex-wife, Yeon Soo (Hwang Sun Hee) who is increasingly cheerful, because their relationship appears to be on the mend. The hospital director’s teenage daughter has been eavesdropping, and calls Yeon Soo out for having her eyes set on Hae Joon. The women bicker while Hae Joon sips his coffee.

Dong Mi’s enthusiasm for Jung Woo is rekindled by the kiss, and she is minimizing the importance of the age gap when her friend, Ae Ran (Seo In Young) reminds her of finances. Suddenly, Dong Mi realizes that Jung Woo offers nothing other than his youth in terms of assets.

One More Happy Ending 13.6

Soo Hyuk is trying to avoid awkwardness with Soo Eun whose feelings he does not reciprocate, in spite of her help in raising Min Woo. He decides to dump this unpleasant affair on her sister, Shi Ah.

As she is leaving, Shi Ah spots Mi Mo going to Soo Hyuk’s apartment. Soo Hyuk is eager to take advantage of Min Woo’s absence to spend some alone time with Mi Mo. However, Mi Mo is all business, bringing a PowerPoint presentation that she worked on late into the night, to help Soo Hyuk determine his professional prospects. Min Woo playfully proposes being a house husband then tries to get amorous, but is shoved into the coffee table by Mi Mo.

Da Jung wakes up to find Gun Hak cooking breakfast for her. She tries to beg off eating, but Gun Hak insists that she try the food. The meal is cut short when Da Jung spills orange juice on her blouse, and Gun Hak makes contact with the site of her mastectomy while dabbing the stain. Da Jung comes out after changing just in time to overhear Gun Hak fighting to take a month off from work for her sake. She starts to seriously consider working to mend her marriage with Gun Hak.

One More Happy Ending 13.5

Yeon Soo goes to Hae Joon’s office, and frames her desire to get back together with him in medical terminology. He turns her down in an equally professional manner, and Yeon Soo leaves with a heavy heart. Later, Yeon Soo shows up as a client at Mi Mo’s office, requesting help to get over Hae Joon.

Ae Ran is horrified by Dong Mi’s age inappropriate outfit for meeting Jung Woo’s friends. As it turns out, the twenty something year old friends are horrified, too. Blinded by love, Jung Woo appears to be oblivious to embarrassment. His female friends make a bid to entice him away from Dong Mi with sexy karaoke performances. However, only Dong Mi’s train wreck of a performance provokes enthusiasm in Jung Woo.

When Dong Mi gets home, she gets nothing but disapproval from Ae Ran. An irritated Dong Mi asks Ae Ran when she is returning to her husband, Dong Bae (Park Eun Seok), and Ae Ran stamps back to her room. While packing, she receives a photo of Dong Bae having dinner with a bunch of females. Ae Ran quickly shows up at the restaurant, and discovers that she has crashed a staff party. The high percentage of female employees, Dong Bae points out, is normal for a beauty products company.

One More Happy Ending 13.6

After Mi Mo meets with a client who wants to keep communication with a woman to a minimum, she asks Soo Hyuk about his preference when it comes to how often she can contact him throughout the day. Soo Hyuk encourages her to contact him often, and she warns him not to dump her via text like her ex-boyfriend did.

Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk run into Soo Eun and Min Woo. The two women size each other up, and have a silent feud over Soo Hyuk. When Soo Hyuk attempts to send Soo Eun off, she insists on making dinner for Min Woo. Mi Mo paces her apartment until she comes up with the brilliant idea of volunteering to cook for Min Woo, too. The women have a cook off as Soo Hyuk and Min Woo watch. When it comes to the taste test, Min Woo chooses Soo Eun’s dish over Mi Mo’s, and Soo Hyuk can only give Mi Mo sympathetic looks.

One More Happy Ending 13.7

After putting her son to bed, Da Jung tells Gun Hak that she is prepared to attend the couples retreat with him. Meanwhile, Ae Ran is also making progress by moving out of Dong Mi’s home and back in with her husband, Dong Bae.

Mi Mo fumes about losing the cook off, and feels the need to return and ask Min Woo what was wrong with her dish. Apparently, Min Woo tasted spoiled food, because Soo Hyuk is now violently ill after finishing off Mi Mo’s food. Mi Mo rushes in to the apartment to tend to Soo Hyuk, and she ends up staying overnight.

One More Happy Ending 13.8

When they meet for coffee, Da Jung notes that Mi Mo is visibly happier. However, Mi Mo admits that she continues to worry about her relationship with Soo Hyuk going south, and about her faltering relationship with Min Woo.

Da Jung and Gun Hak share abject humiliation when they show up at the couples retreat in their matching couple shirts, and everyone else is dressed like sober adults. Fortunately for them, the man leading the retreat is just as ridiculous as their shirts, and the activities they are assigned to do are childish, because, as Mi Mo points out, love is childish.

One More Happy Ending 13.9

Mi Mo, Da Jung and Dong Mi arrive at Ae Ran’s stylish apartment for a girl’s night in, during which Ae Ran reveals to the others the nine year age gap between Dong Mi and her boyfriend. Ae Ran may mock her, but Da Jung encourages her, and Dong Mi is determined to make this relationship work, potentially all the way to the altar.

After seeing Ae Ran’s wedding portrait, Mi Mo drags out her own massive version with her ex-husband, and burns it in an oil drum. Soo Hyuk manages to find her, they happily go home, then get trapped in the elevator. Mi Mo begins to exhibit claustrophobia, and Soo Hyuk comforts her.

One More Happy Ending 13.10

Min Woo runs into Soo Eun at the elevators, and seeing that the elevators are not operating, they seek out the security guard. It turns out that the security guard has delayed fixing the elevators in order to give the the couple trapped in the elevator a chance to get romantic. When Soo Eun recognizes the couple in the elevator, she stamps her foot in anger.

Soo Hyuk meets up with Shi Ah at a hotel restaurant to be introduced to her fiancé, Seung Jae. Unbeknownst to Soo Hyuk, Seung Jae is Mi Mo’s ex-husband. Mi Mo is working an event at the same hotel. When it is over, she goes to meet Soo Hyuk at the restaurant, and is shocked by what she sees – presumably her current boyfriend socializing with her ex-husband.

One More Happy Ending 13.11


Despite the writers’ best efforts to drag the story out with flashbacks and prolonged moping, it would appear that their worst fears have come about: they have run out of things to write about. So, now we have lots of scenes of Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk being lovey dovey, and the sudden appearance of a rival for Soo Hyuk’s affections.

I don’t have a problem with watching Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk in love. What irritates me is the idea that a 35 year old divorcée could be so bashful and chaste that she will violently shove her new boyfriend away like a pervert when he attempts to kiss her.

Soo Eun is also such a useless and unnecessary plot device that the very sight of her makes me groan. Soo Hyuk has already made it abundantly clear that he has no interest in her, so there is no dramatic tension when she is around. As a result, Mi Mo just looks petty for even engaging Soo Eun in any competition, then obsessing over losing to Soo Eun in the fight over Min Woo’s palate.

Fortunately, Da Jung has turned a corner in regards to Gun Hak, because I was about to lose it when she insisted on skipping the breakfast that he had lovingly prepared. To date, I do not understand what Gun Hak did to warrant this treatment other than not try hard enough to help Da Jung get over her postpartum insecurity. Her coldness and dour expression would make more sense if he had proactively done something wrong like cheat on her, or contribute to her loss of self-esteem.

If there is one pairing that I cling to for amusement, it is Dong Mi and her 25 year old boyfriend. Here’s the horrendous karaoke performance that proves that these two are in their own little world.

One More Happy Ending 13.12

One More Happy Ending 13.13

One More Happy Ending (한번 더 해피엔딩)

One More Happy Ending

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