One More Happy Ending episode 15 recap

Side dish: This episode probably needs something sweet to wash it down with. Here’s a recipe for Matcha green tea scones from 1001 Tea Facts. FYI, I know this recipe bills itself as the easiest ever, but scones in general are actually easier than you think. Just make sure your butter is very cold.

Episode Recap

Mi Mo (Jang Na Ra) stands by the side of the river, reenacting a scene from the movie, The Love Letter, when an actual delivery guy arrives with a letter from her ex, Seung Jae (Kim Sa Kwon), announcing that he’s marrying someone else.

Back in reality, rather than confess that they are exes, Mi Mo and Seung Jae coast on the lie that they are college classmates, as they sit down for lunch with Mi Mo’s boyfriend, Soo Hyuk (Jung Kyung Ho), Seung Jae’s fiancée Shi Ah, and Soo Hyuk’s son, Min Woo. When searching for a suitable explanation as to why they don’t get along, Mi Mo can’t resist adding that Seung Jae was a fan of her rival in the Angels, Goo Seul Ah (Sandara Park). Things get increasingly awkward as Mi Mo and Seung Jae give the same present to Soo Hyuk’s son, Min Woo, then the two couples square off over who is more in love.

One More Happy Ending 15.1

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Hae Joon (Kwon Yool) looks on as his ex-wife, Yeon Soo (Hwang Sun Hee) gets a lunch delivery from her latest match. As Yeon Soo passes the lunch on to two nurses, they marvel at how kind he is for bringing her sushi. Yeon Soo smiles at their assessment, but doesn’t eat anything since she doesn’t like sushi. Later, when Hae Joon goes out to eat sushi with a friend, he thinks back to their courtship, when she told him she liked teriyaki. His friend asks him how the two of them could work together after breaking up, and points out that having her around is like a security blanket, that it could be some kind of affection. Later, Hae Joon brings Yeon Soo some teriyaki.

On their way out, Soo Hyuk clues in to what’s going on when he overhears Seung Jae on the phone, referring to Mi Mo as his ex-wife. When Soo Hyuk drops Mi Mo off, he tells her that he’ll be away for work for a couple of days. As he leaves, both Mi Mo and Soo Hyuk try to open up to each other, but fail. Later, Seung Jae also fails at confessing to Shi Ah that Mi Mo is his ex.

Back at the office, Mi Mo comforts herself with the thought that this will only go on for a week, but can’t seem to calm down from worry.

One More Happy Ending 15.2

Meanwhile, Mi Mo’s co-worker and friend, Da Jung (Yoo Da In) contemplates her assignments from couples’ camp, the most difficult of which is to come up with terms of endearment for her husband, Gun Hak (Kim Tae Hoon). Their friend, Dong Mi (Yoo In Na), meanwhile, tries and fails to break up with her nine years younger boyfriend, Jung Woo at a coffee shop. After he goes off to his part-time job, her friend Ae Ran (Seo In Young) berates her for wimping out.

Back at their office, Mi Mo confesses her whole problem with her secret ex-husband to Da Jung, who sensibly asks if she’s talked things over with Soo Hyuk. Mi Mo can’t do it, and instead frets about the situation.

Soo Hyuk, meanwhile, goes out to shoot photos about vows, with his ex-colleague, Hyun Ki. Soo Hyuk takes pictures of random, unsuspecting strangers in a park, then ends up having a philosophical discussion with Hyun Ki about vows and stars and who the heck knows what else.

One More Happy Ending 15.3

Mi Mo waits for Seung Jae after work, to beg him to call things off with Shi Ah, so that she can have Soo Hyuk. Unfortunately, Shi Ah herself shows up with her sister, Soo Yeon, and Mi Mo misses her chance to speak with Seung Jae.

Soo Hyuk meets with Hae Joon at the hospital and confesses his troubles. Hae Joon counsels him to figure out which of the women is more important to him, and to let the other go. Either I have no idea what’s happening anymore, or I guess he means Mi Mo and Shi Ah.

At home, Ae Ran grows increasingly suspicious as her former playboy husband, Dong Bae (Park Eun Seok) does the dishes and cleans up. When she can’t take it anymore, she calls up Da Jung to voice her anxieties, who tells her just to enjoy it. Ae Ran can’t relax and tries to break into Dong Bae’s phone instead. Da Jung has problems of her own, since she can’t think of a term of endearment without an internet search. When Gun Hak comes in, they decide to go with Jjajang and Jjamppong. Next, they move on to their first couples’ task, to go shopping together and make food for each other.

Meanwhile, Mi Mo comes home to find her rival for Soo Hyuk’s affections, Soo Yeon, trying to get into Soo Hyuk’s apartment. Mi Mo tells her that she’s changed the code to keep women like her out, then tells her she may have a chance later. Later, in her apartment, Soo Hyuk calls Mi Mo, but she doesn’t take the call. Instead, she goes to meet with Seung Jae. Mi Mo can’t bring herself to give up on Soo Hyuk, so instead, she demands he give up Shi Ah. Seung Jae initially has no idea what she’s talking about, and when he clues in, he tells her that she’s crossed a line and leaves. As Mi Mo starts bawling, the weather turns to rain. Luckily, Soo Hyuk shows up with an umbrella to take her home, where he gives her some tea, and then leaves.

One More Happy Ending 15.5


Dong Mi finally works up the courage to break up with Jung Woo via a letter confessing that she’s actually nine years older – an age gap that’s impossible to overcome. She walks out the door after handing him the letter, but can’t bring herself to leave, and watches him reading it, instead. Jung Woo surprises her by coming out to where she’s lurking and tells her that she obviously doesn’t want to break up and reassures her that they’ll overcome their age gap. Dong Mi has no response as he hugs her.

Soo Hyuk meets with Seung Jae, and tells him to take care of Shi Ah, since he’s going to be a bad older brother to Shi Ah and not meet with her anymore. Soo Hyuk returns home, but because it’s late, he goes back to his own apartment without speaking with Mi Mo.

One More Happy Ending 15.6

Back at her apartment, Mi Mo breaks down entirely and dresses up in her cow onesie, then throws candy at Soo Hyuk’s door until he comes out. Meanwhile, Seung Jae has explained the situation to Shi Ah, who doesn’t seem worried, since she’s not actually related to Soo Hyuk. As Seung Jae apologizes, Shi Ah tells him that he’s more important to her anyway. Back at their building, Mi Mo has a breakdown as Soo Hyuk apologizes for not making it clearer that Shi Ah is not his real sister. Their tearful reunion is interrupted by the arrival of Soo Yeon, and Soo Hyuk immediately explains that Soo Yeon is Shi Ah’s younger sister.

Meanwhile, Dong Bae is amused by the photographic evidence of Ae Ran trying to break into his phone. Ae Ran insists that he unlock it for her, but when Dong Bae demands the same of her, she asks him to give her a day. Dong Bae laughs at her as he goes through his photos.

One More Happy Ending 15.8

Meanwhile, Mi Mo returns Seung Jae’s insurance documents… look, I would explain this, but it’s not really important. Let’s say they both explain why they’re better off with their current partners and move on.

Back at her apartment, Mi Mo comes upstairs to find the hallway carpeted in red, and the walls covered with pictures and notes of looooove. She goes to Soo Hyuk’s apartment, to find the place covered in roses, and Soo Hyuk, Min Woo, and her dog, Bbo Bbo waiting for her. Soo Hyuk shows her a video of why she’s so great, then proposes. Mi Mo smiles and tells him that she has something to say, and the episode ends.

One More Happy Ending 15.9


Dear “One More Happy Ending”,
Is my time not precious? I committed to watching and recapping this show, but if you insist on extending the running time with problems that can be solved with one conversation, I’ll have to protest. Since most viewers knew that Shi Ah is not really Soo Hyuk’s little sister, watching Mi Mo spend an entire episode making herself crazy over it is painful at best. Also, life hands you lemons sometimes. Even if Mi Mo’s ex is going to marry the sister of the man she’s in love with, demanding that they break up is asshole behaviour. Maybe instead, the two exes could have just learned to get along, even if they can’t be friends? Maybe, we didn’t have to spend a whole damn episode on a problem that was not really a problem? Maybe, instead of making Mi Mo look like a hysterical jerk, we could have seen Mi Mo act like an adult, tell her boyfriend what her problem is, and they could have looked for a solution together? Maybe then, I wouldn’t feel quite so cheated by this time-waster of an episode?

Anyway, the marriage proposal was cute, if only because I got to see Bbo Bbo.


Noona Only

One More Happy Ending (한번 더 해피엔딩)

One More Happy Ending

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  1. This show is just so filled with puffy fluffery, a diet souffle of air and aspartame, that I am surprised MiMo doesn’t just float away on a cloud of her own vacuousness.


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