Hastings Snack Bar

After 53 years as a short order diner, Hastings Snack Bar was taken over by the owner of the barber shop next door who decided to offer Polish comfort food. The cook is the owner’s mother so it is understandable that the hours of operation are currently limited to Thursdays through to Sundays, and the counter seating accommodates only about 10 customers.

Featured above is the Polish Breakfast: two eggs, parówka, two potato pancakes, and Polish bread. The parówka (aka Polish weenie) is like the standard issue hot dog, but softer and slightly smoky. The potato pancakes were crispy on the outside, and dense and starchy on the inside.

I ordered the Hungry Tata’s Lunch Plate: one cabbage roll, one kielbasa, four traditional pierogis, Polish bread, sauerkraut and pickle. The cabbage roll was bigger than I expected, and while it was delicious, the pierogis and kielbasa were my favourites.

Everything was hearty, but did not taste heavy. I would definitely return for the pierogies alone.

Hastings Snack Bar, 5 Hastings Ave., Toronto, ON

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