Oh Hae Young Again episode 2 recap

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Episode Recap

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Following Oh Hae Young’s (Seo Hyun Jin) retrieval of Park Do Kyung’s (Eric Mun) wallet, the two of them end up at a noisy bar. Hae Young proceeds to drink, while attempting to flirt with an uncomfortable Do Kyung. Rather than respond, Do Kyung hurriedly drives her home. As they exchange names, Hae Young spelling her name reminds Do Kyung of his ex-fiancée, the other Hae Young, and after he drops her off, he pulls over to throw up.

At home, his friend, Lee Jin Sang (Kim Ji Seok) tells Do Kyung to stay away from Hae Young, lest she find out that he ruined her wedding. Their conversation turns to Do Kyung’s clairvoyance, but is cut off by the arrival of a drunken Park Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won). This is bad news for Jin Sang’s hope of keeping Do Kyung and Hae Young apart, because Soo Kyung is both Hae Young’s boss and Do Kyung’s sister.

Next to arrive home is Park Hoon (Heo Jeong Min), with his much younger girlfriend, Yoo Anna (Heo Young Ji) in tow. After Do Kyung and Jin Sang confirm that she’s of age, the couple go to Hoon’s room to make out. They’re interrupted by the drunken Soo Kyung popping up on to the bed. In his own room, a post-shower Do Kyung sees a vision of Hae Young walking in and looking around.


The next morning, Hae Young is almost murdered by her mother, Hwang Duk Yi (Kim Mi Kyung), when she refuses to cover up her wounds for the neighbours. Hae Young has bigger problems, though, because she can’t find her phone. Lucky for her, Do Kyung returns it to her, in an effort to avoid meeting her again later.


At work, Hae Young apologizes to Soo Kyung for her outburst of the night before, but instead, Soo Kyung declares that she would win if they fought to the death. Later, in the breakroom, Hae Young confesses to her co-worker, Sung Jin (Kwon Min) that she’s going to her high school reunion and she’s worried about seeing the other, better-looking and more popular, Oh Hae Young (Jeon Hye Bin). It’s a trip down memory lane, as Hae Young reminisces about how she was ignored in high school in favour of the “pretty” Oh Hae Young. Her co-workers encourage her to go to the reunion, in the hopes that the “pretty” Oh Hae Young has changed for the worse, but they’re sent running to their desks by the arrival of Soo Kyung.

That night at the reunion, “pretty” Oh Hae Young doesn’t show up, and when someone asks about her cancelled wedding, Hae Young announces that she can’t commit to just one man for the rest of her life. Regardless, she manages to charm everyone at the reunion.


Do Kyung comes home from work to find Hoon and Anna hanging out. When he gets a phone call from an unknown number, Anna begs him to answer, but Do Kyung refuses. After he leaves in a huff, Hoon explains that it was probably Oh Hae Young, who abandoned him on their wedding day. Meanwhile, Do Kyung reminisces about that day, when he frantically searched for her in the rain, only to discover via his phone that she was in Paris with another guy.


The next day, Do Kyung goes to lunch with his mother and her boyfriend, Chairman Jang. Chairman Jang reminds him about the time he took away his investment funds from businessman, Han Tae Jin (Lee Jae Yoon, whose hair has never looked so fantastic before). Do Kyung looks nervous and guilty, as he flashes back to the time he saw Tae Jin and Chairman Jang together at a bar. Between Jin Sang’s urging, some shots of booze and a lucky bull’s-eye at darts, Do Kyung decides to ruin Tae Jin’s company.

Back in the present, Do Kyung goes to see Jin Sang, who recounts Tae Jin’s troubles since then, that he’s landed in jail since his investors pulled out then sued him. Do Kyung asks Jin Sang how they can set things right, but Jin Sang is out of ideas.


Tae Jin, meanwhile, is getting a visit in jail, from a friend who assures him that he’ll be out soon. The friend asks about Hae Young, but Tae Jin points out that he couldn’t ask her to wait for him in his situation. He thinks back to the moment when he broke up with her, and it turns out that Hae Young is thinking about the same thing. She decides to comfort herself by dancing around the living room to tango music, much to the consternation of Duk Yi, who confides in her husband, Kyung Soo (Lee Han Wi) that she’s worried about Hae Young’s antics.

Jin Sang goes to visit Tae Jin in jail, to offer his and Do Kyung’s help in getting him out. Tae Jin is more interested in why Do Kyung would ruin his life this way, and refuses. Jin Sang goes outside to report this development to Do Kyung, and urge him to come clean to Tae Jin. Do Kyung points out that the truth would likely make Tae Jin angrier than he is already.


Hae Young, meanwhile, takes a bike ride to think deep thoughts while enjoying nature, but ends up crashing instead. Duk Yi watches as a bedraggled Hae Young carries her broken bike home, much to the amusement of the whole neighbourhood. That night, Duk Yi and Kyung Soo decide to abandon Hae Young, and the next day, Hae Young comes home to find her stuff out on the lawn and the entry code changed.

Hae Young tries calling a friend to hang out with, but instead runs into Tae Jin’s friend, who assures her that Tae Jin is well. Hae Young is heartbroken at this news and ends up crying on the sidewalk.


Everyone’s having a bad day as Do Kyung finally picks up the phone, and finds his ex-fiancée, Oh Hae Young on the other end, who tells him she misses him. Do Kyung throws his phone across the room rather than respond to her, then goes out drinking. Of course, he ends up at the same bar where Hae Young is also drinking her sorrows away. He ignores her at first, but then takes her outside to exchange sob stories. Hae Young spills her guts to Do Kyung about being dumped by Tae Jin, but Do Kyung can’t do anything but apologize without explaining himself. In the end, Hae Young walks away, stumbling into the street.

Do Kyung grabs her before she’s hit by a car, and takes her home in a taxi. As he drops her off, he tells her to just keep on living, because that means she wins. The next day, Hae Young packs up her stuff and moves into a new apartment, as Kyung Soo watches from inside the house. As she leaves, Duk Yi breaks down in tears.


Hae Young almost immediately breaks a wall in her new apartment, and is appalled to discover that it’s just a piece of wood covering over a door. As she rips the wall away and opens the door, she finds herself in Narnia, face to face with Tumnus the faun. Just kidding! She’s in Do Kyung’s room, where she comes face to face with Do Kyung wearing nothing but a towel. Even better!



There’s something really appealing in a show you can’t predict, and I really don’t know how this is going to go. I mean, sure, it’s a romantic comedy, and we can make reasonable assumptions about who’s going to end up with whom, but I have no idea how they’re going to get past the original problem, that Do Kyung ruined Hae Young and Tae Jin’s life in a fit of misdirected anger. So, instead of making predictions, I’m going to list off what I want for this drama to do, rather than what I think is coming up.

First, I want an explanation for the supernatural elements, like Do Kyung’s visions and the fact that they can’t get away from each other, rather than an unexplained disappearance somewhere later down the line, only to be replaced with unnecessary angst. Second, I want Do Kyung to continue to randomly appear with his shirt off, just because. Third, Lee Jae Yoon’s hair is the best it’s ever been, so here’s hoping he doesn’t get a perm at some point. Fourth, I hope Hae Young’s parents don’t disappear because they’re fantastic. Fifth, I hope the “pretty” Oh Hae Young doesn’t turn out to be a boring bitchy second lead villain.


Sixth, I want more of Kim Ji Seok as a goofy weirdo, because this is the most entertaining he’s ever been. Seventh, despite the usual gauntlet of humiliation that the female lead has to go through in the first few episodes, Hae Young remains a pretty entertaining character who gives as good as she gets. I hope she doesn’t regress to her high school wallflower days when “pretty” Oh Hae Young makes an appearance. Eighth, as much as I like a taciturn and stoic male lead… oh wait, I don’t. Use your words, Do Kyung.

In all, this was a promising second episode. I was never bored, and the cast of characters is both varied and charming without seeming frantic. More, please!

Oh Hae Young Again (또 오해영) 

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