Tasty Tuesday: Yolks

I was not excited about Yolks, despite the line up of eager diners outside its doors before its opening. The decor looked a little too commercial and sleek for my liking, and I am not a fan of poached eggs, which is the only way Yolks does eggs.

My significant other, who loves poached eggs, used the menu flow chart to order two eggs, Double Smoked Bacon with fresh arugula, Truffle-Lemon Hashbrowns, and real hollandaise sauce. He confirmed that the eggs were perfectly executed, and the hash browns were unique.

Looking through the egg-free options, I reluctantly chose the Belgian Waffles with Canadian maple syrup, and butter, served with English bangers. I was unimpressed with the sparse plating, so imagine my surprise at how delicious everything was. Not only was everything cooked perfectly, but the flavours were complex.

It just goes to show that you should never judge a brunch restaurant by its bland cover.

Yolks, 546 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC

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