Oh Hae Young Again episode 4 recap

Side dish: Once again, Soo Kyung is thinking like a Noona when she talks about the thrills of eating. Make yourself some classy snacks to have with a drink: Tamari and Maple Roasted Almonds courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Episode Recap

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Oh Hae Young Again 4.4

Former high school classmates are in a tizzy about the return to Korea of popular and pretty Hae Young (Jeon Hye Bin). However, the news makes both her former classmate, Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) and her former fiancé, Do Kyung (Eric Mun) despondent. 

Hae Young is able to cheer herself up by meditating on dreamy Do Kyung, unaware of his relationship with the source of her pain. Do Kyung’s ongoing visions of Hae Young fail to provide the same comfort, because they make him feel lonely and like he is reminiscing before death.

Oh Hae Young Again 4.5

Do Kyung runs into Hae Young eating alone and initially, chooses to sit at another table. He joins Hae Young after feeling the daggers coming out of her eyes. She admits to feeling depressed, then reports the return of his fiancée, just as he had envisioned. Hae Young fears that she will be unfairly compared to the other Hae Young again. She is equally forthcoming about the relief that knowing Do Kyung understands her pain provides. They end the night amicably with Do Kyung suggesting that they forgo a contractor and simply continue to use furniture to block the door between their apartments.

Hae Young’s mother, Duk Yi (Kim Ki Kyung) announces that she is going for a hike, but she actually ends up at her daughter’s place. A quick look through the garbage tells her that Hae Young is eating crap. When it appears that the lock on Hae Young’s door is about to fall off, she calls her husband to buy a new electronic lock.

Oh Hae Young Again 4.6

Do Kyung’s sister, Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won) instantly blames then punishes their younger brother, Hoon (Heo Jeong Min) when she finds urine around the toilet. However, it turns out that Do Kyung’s friend, Jin Sang (Kim Ji Seok) is at fault. Jin Sang claims to be in rough shape after being beaten up for defending a criminal. This is a lie; Jin Sang actually fooled around with a married woman. The husband came to his home with an axe, and now, Jin Sang will be staying with them until things settle down.

Hae Young is surprised that Duk Yi knows where she is living then horrified to watch her father replacing her door lock. Jin Sang and Do Kyung end up overhearing the family drama, but prevent a complete meltdown by blocking the door between the apartments after Duk Yi discovers it.

Oh Hae Young Again 4.7

Do Kyung’s latest job is recording sounds at a racetrack. The director announces that Jeju Island is an upcoming film location, so let’s hope that scenes of Do Kyung frolicking topless on the beach is in our future. In the meantime, we get Do Kyung acting cute with horses. Afterwards, he and his team member have a meal in silence that is only broken when Do Kyung asks the loaded question of whether it is hard working for him. The employee tactfully says that he is learning a lot.

Hae Young’s workplace is no less awkward when her boss, Soo Kyung points out that she is the only one of her co-workers who has not been promoted. Hence, Hae Young will not be part of a new team being formed to overhaul the restaurant chain. A new director is being brought in for the new team, and you can bet that it will be the other Hae Young.

Oh Hae Young Again 4.1

That evening, Hae Young ends up fighting over beer at the local convenience store with Soo Kyung who she only recognizes when her boss puts on her glasses and pulls back her hair. Hae Young follows Soo Kyung home, and discovers that they live in the same house, though she keeps this a secret from Soo Kyung. Over drinks and snacks, Soo Kyung touts the cheap thrills of eating while Hae Young claims that love is more satisfying than food.

Jin Sang returns home and nearly falls over when he learns who Hae Young is. He is about to beat a hasty retreat when Do Kyung arrives on the scene. It is Hae Young’s turn to be shocked to discover that Do Kyung is related to her boss. Things turn awkward when Hae Young must lie in front of Do Kyung after Soo Kyung grills her about the reason she called off her wedding.

Oh Hae Young Again 4.8

Do Kyung ends up being directed by Soo Kyung to walk Hae Young home. Hae Young reveals that she does not get along with his sister, because of the abuse she suffers, and that she might have to move out.

As they stroll, Hae Young finds out that it has been a year since Do Kyung was dumped at the altar, and she sees that he is still miserable. When Do Kyung denies being miserable, she points out that she has never seen him laugh. There is a moment of levity when they encounter Hoon making out with his girlfriend, Anna (Heo Young Ji), and Do Kyung is forced to identify the public embarrassment as his brother. Back home, the other crazy sibling, Soo Kyung admits to abusing Hae Young simply because she has the same name as his ex-fiancée.

Oh Hae Young Again 4.9

Hae Young learns that the more popular Hae Young is indeed still pretty, looking prosperous, and the new director. Poor Hae Young does not even blink when she receives a delivery of flowers meant for the other Hae Young, knowing from past experience that all such niceties are meant for her former classmate.

When the popular Hae Young arrives, she initially does not recognize her former classmate. When she finally does place her, dowdier Hae Young attempts to feign a lack of recognition. After work, Hae Young drinks away the embarrassment of this reunion, and having to suffer being at the same job as popular Hae Young. Hae Young’s friend is rightfully exasperated that she becomes defeatist in the face of the popular Hae Young. Meanwhile, pretty Hae Young appears oblivious to the drama, smiling at the dowdier Hae Young’s photos while flipping through her high school year book.

Oh Hae Young Again 4.10

Do Kyung is still ignoring his mother’s phone calls when mother shows up screaming at his door. Knowing that Hae Young can overhear the conversation, Do Kyung drags his mother outside to talk. Mother needs money to retain the director of her comeback film. Despite protesting about the 12 other times he has had to bail her out, Do Kyung ends up doing it. An embarrassed Hae Young attempts to pretend that she missed the entire argument, but sound expert, Do Kyung knows that she never left the apartment.

Do Kyung takes off and Hae Young runs after him, apologizing. She ends up watching him record the sounds of Seoul at night, and he educates her about his craft. They go for noodles, and Do Kyung tells her that she looks pretty when she eats. He tries to qualify his compliment out of embarrassment, and Hae Young pushes the limit of dining etiquette out of self-consciousness.

Oh Hae Young Again 4.3

At work, Hae Young is already experiencing déjà vu of high school as male workers clamour to get to the prettier Hae Young and literally shove Hae Young aside in the process. Again, she thinks of Do Kyung to feel better about everyone fawning over her former classmate.

Hae Young runs into Jin Sang and Soo Kyung on the way home. When they spot Anna leaping enthusiastically on Hoon, Soo Kyung ends up daring Hae Young to do the same with Jin Sang. With free drinks courtesy of Soo Kyung on the line, Hae Young chooses instead to use Do Kyung just as he is exiting his car.

It is another of Do Kyung’s visions come to life as Hae Young begins running towards him. Do Kyung wonders if he can cut Hae Young from his life by not giving in to the vision and not catching her. However, Do Kyung cannot resist, and releases the equipment he is carrying to receive Hae Young in his arms. Do Kyung and Hae Young both appear shocked by their embrace.

Oh Hae Young Again 4.11


The characters are speaking the truth about some of the downsides of this episode. Hae Young’s friend expresses frustration at how small she becomes when the prettier Hae Young is around, and I have to agree. The popular Hae Young has only really been active for one episode, and I am already annoyed with her, and how the lead Hae Young is reacting to her presence. I hope this suffering of her presence is not a prolonged story line, or at least, changes to something more compelling.

Also, Hae Young is correct about Do Kyung’s perpetual sad face. Thankfully, Do Kyung has been making up for it with regular interval topless scenes, but I am going to need something more than his morose expression soon.

Otherwise, I am still enjoying Hae Young, her mother, and especially, her weird relationship with her boss, Soo Kyung. Her relationship with Do Kyung has been tinged with sadness and guilt so let’s hope the slapping of their bodies at the end of this episode signals a change to something more torrid.

Oh Hae Young Again (또 오해영) 

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