Oh Hae Young Again episode 7 recap

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Episode Recap

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Oh Hae Young Again 7.3

Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) gets up before dawn to buy groceries and invade the home of her mother, Duk Yi (Kim Ki Kyung) and her father, Kyung Soo (Lee Han Wi). She announces that she needs to pack a lunch, and when Hae Young’s parents realize that she is making lunch for eligible bachelor, Do Kyung (Eric Mun), they join in on a cooking frenzy.

Back home, Hae Young shoves the home made lunch in Do Kyung’s face, and states that it’s for the lamp he gave her, and the window she broke. Do Kyung looks shocked, then cannot make up his mind whether to bring the lunch with him to work. He finally settles on bringing it with him.

Oh Hae Young Again 7.4

Do Kyung and his team of sound engineers work up an appetite doing running sounds. Their remote location makes it only practical for Do Kyung to offer up Hae Young’s packed lunch to share. The team cheer at the sight of the food, but Do Kyung refuses to eat out of embarrassment. His younger brother, Hoon (Heo Jeong Min) finally shoves a piece of food in his mouth, and this lets loose the flood gates of Do Kyung’s appetite.

As a result of her exertions, Hae Young dozes off at her desk, and gets caught by her boss, Soo Kyung (Ye Ji Won). Yet, Hae Young’s colleagues notice that she is in a better mood lately. Hae Young shares the leftovers of the lunch she prepared for Do Kyung with her impressed co-workers. Her rival, pretty Hae Young (Jeon Hye Bin) ends up joining in, and finds out that plain Hae Young’s parents helped prepare the lunch for Do Kyung, much to plain Hae Young’s chagrin.

Oh Hae Young Again 7.5

When Do Kyung arrives home, it is Hoon who prompts him to take the lunch box back to Hae Young. Unfortunately, Hae Young witnesses the exchange, and seems hurt by Do Kyung’s lack of enthusiasm. However, she is immediately pleased when Do Kyung woodenly compliments her lunch and cherry blossom petals rain down prettily over them.

The appearance of a drunken Soo Kyung prompts Do Kyung to drag Hae Young into hiding then hold her hand and get up close while in the dark. There is a moment of tension between Do Kyung and Hae Young before they slowly separate. Hae Young quips that his hand was surprisingly warm, just as Do Kyung had envisioned.

Oh Hae Young Again 7.6

The moment is interrupted by Do Kyung’s friend, Jin Sang (Kim Ji Seok) emerging from the shadows. He seems disappointed when he spots the packed lunch box, despite Do Kyung’s attempt to hide it. When they are alone, Jin Sang gives Do Kyung grief for dating the woman whose life he ruined, with her ex-fiancé possibly about to be released from jail.

Do Kyung receives an email from his ex-fiancée, Hae Young with the recording that his mother blackmailed her with attached. It is a recording of Do Kyung arguing with his mother, and admitting that he pities pretty Hae Young, having seen through her perfect facade. Humiliated by the recording, Hae Young left Do Kyung at the altar, but she has since realized that she misses him too much to care.

Oh Hae Young Again 7.7

While staring lovingly at a movie poster with Do Kyung’s name listed, Hae Young gets asked out for lunch by a lawyer. Eventually, it comes to light that the entire seduction was set up by Jin Sang, and angry Hae Young confronts him about his reason for attempting to keep her apart from Do Kyung. Jin Sang beats around the bush, but eventually blurts out that he believes Do Kyung is just rebounding from his relationship with pretty Hae Young. A furious Hae Young screams in frustration then leaves.

When Hae Young calls Do Kyung and immediately asks him not to see his ex-fiancée, Do Kyung insists that he does not return plain Hae Young’s feelings. He has only ever felt pity towards her, because she, too, was dumped before her wedding. Plus, no man in his right mind would ever get involved with someone who reminds him of his ex. Hae Young storms away just as Do Kyung has another vision involving her taking a running leap. Do Kyung chases after Hae Young and demands to know why she keeps showing up before him. Hae Young calls him crazy and disappears into her apartment.

Hae Young is unsuccessfully attempting to meditate away the shame of loving Do Kyung when her parents arrive to set up grilled pork belly dinner.  After noticing that her parents are dressed up, Hae Young cheekily asks if they went to a motel. Duk Yi smacks her upside the head, but refrains from going further for fear of being overheard by Do Kyung.

Oh Hae Young Again 7.2

Do Kyung bursts into Hae Young’s apartment to upbraid her, and finding her parents there, immediately apologizes and retreats. He gets stuck in a tug of war between Hae Young attempting to kick kim out, and Kyung Soo trying to get him to stay. Duk Yi loses her temper, and Do Kyung awkwardly joins in on dinner until Hae Young angrily announces that Do Kyung does not like her. Duk Yi starts by smacking Hae Young, then must be held back by Kyung Soo from manhandling Do Kyung for rejecting her daughter.

An angry Hae Young goes for a bike ride, and is nearly run over by Jin Sang. To his relief, she tells him to keep the incident to themselves, before she rides off.

Oh Hae Young Again 7.8

Meanwhile, Do Kyung has a vision of Hae Young announcing that she ran into the man she was going to marry. The next morning, Do Kyung asks Jin Sang to check on whether Hae Young’s ex-fiancé is out of jail.

Do Kyung’s mother comes snooping around to find out his mood. Unfortunately, Do Kyung’s mood has taken a turn for the worse, and his team suffers the difference. The only thing that cheers Hoon up is thinking about how much like a happy puppy his girlfriend, Anna is.

It is a reunion of the exes as Do Kyung meets up with pretty Hae Young to discuss the recording she shared with him. Meanwhile, Hae Young is at a bus stop, shouting with frustration over Do Kyung when her ex-fiancé, Han Tae Jin (Lee Jae Yoon) steps out of a car.

Oh Hae Young Again 7.10


I am starting to get frustrated with Hae Young’s lonely fight to love Do Kyung fearlessly. After all, poor Hae Young must combat her insecurity over pretty Hae Young, people like Jin Sang feeding into that insecurity, and Do Kyung’s feigned indifference towards her. You have to wonder when Do Kyung is going to step up, and become a man who deserves Hae Young. So far, he’s a character with Eric Mun’s face, and a rather wooden personality.

Fortunately, the writer is retaining the comedy, even in the midst of increasing angst. The scenes with Hae Young’s parents are usually quite hilarious, yet poignant. Then, there’s Soo Kyung and Jin Sang, who seem destined to go from hate to love – at least, that is what some of us are hoping for.

Oh Hae Young Again 7.9

Finally, it looks like Tae Jin will be making regular appearances from now on, having been released from jail. With looks like that, this can only be a good thing.

Oh Hae Young Again 7.11

Oh Hae Young Again (또 오해영) 

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