Tasty Tuesday: Silver Shore, Tripoli, Lebanon

Silver Shore is a restaurant in El Mina, a coastal suburb of Tripoli, Lebanon. Renowned for its seafood, Silver Shore’s specialty is samke harra, fish in a spicy tahini sauce. Given the proximity to the Mediterranean, Lebanon is awash in tasty fish and seafood, but Silver Shore was something special; the fish was fresh, the recipes were original, and the service was impeccable.

We started the meal with the usual complement of mezze, including batata harra (spicy potatoes), pictured below. The star of the meal was the raw fish on lemons with soy sauce, a dish that was as flavourful as it was pretty.


Most Lebanese foods lend themselves well to being photographed; samke harra is not one of them. I can assure that there is a whole grouper underneath the copious amounts of spicy tahini sauce, and it’s delicious.


I wasn’t the one ordering, so I have no idea what was on this shrimp dish. I do know that it was flavourful, and that the shrimp was fresh. Not pictured: the two kinds of calamari, and deep fried sardines.


Silver Shore (Chatek al Foddi), Corniche, Al-Mina, Tripoli, +961 6 601 384


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