Restaurant Nabaa Anjar

Our drive through the Bekaa Valley was one of the longest days on our trip to Lebanon. We started out with a stop at the temple complex of Baalbek, then a tour through the Ksara winery, and ended with the Umayyad city on the edge of the border town of Anjar.

Not surprisingly, we were ravenous by the time we were done and happy to gobble up one of the best meals we had in Lebanon, at Restaurant Nabaa Anjar. I was tired of photographing hummus, tabouleh and moutabal at this point, so you’ll have to take my word that we did eat them and they were delicious. The main course consisted of a mixed grill, with chicken skewers (shish tawouk), beef kebab, and a ground meat kebab, served on a platter with grilled vegetables, and pita slices toasted over the grill.

Since raw meat is one of the specialties of Restaurant Nabaa Anjar, we had some raw lamb liver. For the more adventurous among you, I can report that it was delicious and fresh, with the perfect texture.

On the side, we had a cheese barak, which was piping hot and delicious.


If raw lamb liver didn’t put you off, why not give frog legs a try? At Restaurant Nabaa Anjar, they’re breaded and deep fried, and surprisingly tender. Yes, they do taste a little like chicken.


While this meal was pretty memorable, let’s not forget the amazing Umayyad city. For more information, have a glance at the UNESCO website.


Let us also not forget Baalbek. This is the temple of Bacchus at Baalbek, taken from just below the temple of Jupiter. Here’s the UNESCO info on Baalbek.


Restaurant Nabaa Anjar, Anjar, Lebanon, +9618620590

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