Cinderella and Four Knights episode 15 recap

Side dish: The Kang cousins were super busy, but definitely needed a pick me up. Perhaps, they could have benefited from Profiteroles with Coffee Ice Cream. They get the caffeine to make up for the sleep loss and the delicious carbs to keep up their spirits.

Episode Recap

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After submitting his blood for testing to see if he is compatible with the Chairman, Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) reveals to Ha Won (Park So Dam) that he has been preoccupied with the Chairman lying about not knowing his mother. He gives Ha Won all the credit for prompting him to confront the Chairman about kicking his mother out of Sky House. An uncomfortable Ha Won tries repeatedly to extricate herself from the situation. Ji Woon leaves her hanging with his jacket to spend some quality time with his cousins, Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyun) and Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin).

On his way out of the hospital, Hyun Min runs into the Chairman’s wife, Madame Ji and the Chairman’s secretary, Yoon Sung (Choi Min). He bitterly notes that they have been extra busy since the Chairman’s collapse. Madame Ji is all confidence until she learns that Ji Woon has been tested as a possible liver donor for the Chairman.


Ha Won attempts to separate from Ji Woon outside the hospital, but he challenges the idea that she wants to leave him. He asks her to stay by his side until the Chairman wakes up. Ha Won can only tearfully stay silent, and secretly decides to break up with Ji Woon when the time is right.

Seo Woo has placed his burgeoning pop idol career on hold, much to the chagrin of his manager. It is unavoidable since the Chairman’s faltering health is widely known. Seo Woo finds comfort in being able to sing for himself, and has hope that Ji Woon will be able to save the Chairman.


It turns out that Ji Woon is a match for the Chairman, but is allergic to anesthetics. As a result, surgery may put him into shock, possibly resulting in death. Ji Woon keeps this information to himself, and announces to Ha Won and Yoon Sung that the liver transplant will proceed. Seo Woo, Hyun Min and the housekeeper also learn of the news and are relieved; they go into a preparation frenzy.

Ha Won runs into Madame Ji after dropping off the Chairman’s favourite family portrait in his hospital room. Madame Ji icily reminds Ha Won that she is supposed to leave, and Ha Won promises that she will disappear as soon as the Chairman’s surgery is over. After Ha Won exits, Madame Ji calls Yoon Sung and announces that the day of the Chairman’s surgery will also be the day they hold a special shareholders’ meeting.


Ji Woon checks into the hospital, and Ha Won senses that he is hiding something from her. Ji Woon dismisses her concerns, and sends her out for food.

Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) meets up with the fashion designer who would like to recommend her for a Paris fashion school scholarship to confront him about his relationship with Hyun Min. She feels that she must reject his offer, because she does not want to accept help from guilty Hyun Min. The designer insists that he is impressed by her talent, and he believes that Hyun Min acts out of love for Hye Ji.


After finding Ji Woon being overstimulated by Seo Woo’s music, the housekeeper’s food, and Hyun Min’s video games, Ha Won kicks them all out of his hospital room so that he can stay calm and well rested. Ji Woon does not appear too upset to be alone with Ha Won, though fat shaming and getting his novelty tissue box confiscated probably wasn’t the sort of fun he had in mind. When Ji Woon attempts to get a kiss, Ha Won shoves him away like a pervert.

Hyun Min is leaving the hospital in a huff when he spots the Chairman’s lawyer. He eavesdrops on the lawyer’s conversation with Madame Ji, and learns of the special shareholders’ meeting during which the dismissal of the Chairman will be put to a vote. Yoon Sung is convincing shareholders to remove the Chairman as they speak.


Hyun Min soon learns that Madame Ji’s shares have been transferred to Yoon Sung, and he goes to confront the secretary. Hyun Min angrily asks if Yoon Sung has been conspiring to this end all along, and Yoon Sung challenges Hyun Min to protect his grandfather’s company himself. Hyun Min vows to meet the challenge.

The special shareholders’ meeting is announced, and Hyun Min strategizes with Seo Woo to play catch up in convincing shareholders to stand by the Chairman. Ji Woon gives Hyun Min permission to vote on his behalf while he is in surgery, and Hyun Min is touched by  Ji Woon’s support.


Seo Woo has lost his appetite from the stress of the power struggle, and his grandfather’s impending surgery. Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) drags him to a pizzeria, and when he claims to feel useless, she encourages him to cheer everyone on with a song. He admits that he thought of her first as a source of comfort, which thrills Ja Young to bits.

Meanwhile, an exhausted Hyun Min finds Hye Ji waiting for him when he comes home. She tells him that he no longer needs to feel guilty toward her nor her brother. Hyun Min is overcome by emotion and disappears into his bedroom before doubling back. He vows to protect her from now on, then plants a kiss.


Ji Woon cheerfully voices his fear of something going wrong during the surgery, and a frightened Ha Won punches him in the arm. When Ji Woon reminds Ha Won that tonight is their last night together, it takes on a different meaning for each of them. Ji Woon suddenly remembers that Ha Won has yet to grant him a wish for finding her mother’s ring. Thus, Ha Won sneaks Ji Woon out of the hospital so that they can fulfill his wish of going on a date.

At the end of the night, separated by traffic, Ha Won apologizes to Ji Woon for her impending absence when he wakes from surgery. An unwitting Ji Woon happily crosses the road to hug and kiss Ha Won, oblivious to the way her voice cracks when she asks if he heard her. Later, as Ha Won sleeps, Ji Woon promises to return to her side after the surgery.


It’s time to check in on Ha Won’s stepmother and stepsister who are in humbled circumstances thanks to their state of unemployment. It appears that the stepmother genuinely cares for Ha Won’s father as she worries about him working too hard to support all three of them. The stepmother receives a phone call that causes her to react in shock.

The next day, Ji Woon faces the shareholders with the support of Hye Ji to buoy him. He watches as Yoon Sung hesitates before submitting his vote. Everyone waits nervously for the results.

Meanwhile, Ha Won stands by Ji Woon as he is prepped for surgery. After Ji Woon and the Chairman are wheeled into the operating room, Ha Won sees a line of surgeons rush in, and she stands up in alarm.


While the show labours through the Chairman’s health crisis, and the power struggle with Madame Ji and Yoon Sung, at least this episode offered lots of cute moments and eye candy.

Hyun Min will probably never return to the fun, over-the-top playboy of the beginning, but his new affection for his cousins is much appreciated fan service. Plus, the angst of his conflict with Hye Ji was finally put to rest, and now, we no longer need to worry about seeing her melting sad face, nor having his mood brought down by the sighting of her face.


Park So Dam and Jung Il Woo exhibited more of their great chemistry. Their cram date, driven by exuberance mixed with hidden sorrow over how fleeting they both knew it was, was easily the best thing about this episode. I would not have complained if they had populated every episode with moments like this.


Even Seo Woo and Ja Young had their moment over a pizza meal. Though she was less ridiculous than usual due to his difficult circumstances, they were great together. Her weirdly cute mannerisms just match well with his rather bland, but earnest character.

My only complaint would be that this episode was all about the men, with the women playing support. Madame Ji gave all her shares to Yoon Sung, allowing him to be the deciding factor. Hye Ji has a change of heart just in time to be someone Hyun Min can lean on. Ha Won sticks around to stand by Ji Woon’s side. Even Ja Young only shows up to cheer Seo Woo up. For a show with a name that seemingly places the four male leads in service of the female lead, the plot is not turning out that way.

One more episode to go! Let’s hope it’s a good finale.

Cinderella and Four Knights (신데렐라와 네 명의 기사) 

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