Tim Raue

Tim Raue’s two Michelin stars prompted us to make a reservation after we booked our vacation in Berlin. The cuisine demonstrates Southeast Asian influences, but using high end ingredients. To get the most of the experience, we ordered two different sets of tasting menus. It was a blur of food, so I am only able to identify some of the dishes below. I will say that the flavours veered more towards thickly sweet than I have found Southeast Asian cuisine tends to be. While very elegant, the entire presentation smacked of Chinoiserie, which I was not impressed with.

Where in Southeast Asia does that teapot come from? Tell me, Tim Raue!

Pike-perch with 10 year Kamebishi soy, leek and ginger.

Prawn with tomato and galangal – as plump and juicy as it looks.

Suckling pig with dashi and Japanese mustard – dryer than I would have liked.

Limp, overcooked vegetables that were difficult to eat without looking foolish.

Peking Duck Interpretation

A painting of garbage in the dining room. I suppose this is meant to be funny, but a portrait of a stinking Bangkok alleyway may have been more in keeping with the theme.

While I found the majority of the dishes were good, I expect to be thrilled by a two Michelin star restaurant. I did not find the food at Tim Raue, with it’s broad reinterpretation of Southeast Asian cuisine, to be worth the price.

Tim Raue, Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 26, 10969 Berlin, Germany

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