Frantzén made quite the impression upon our arrival. The elderly doorman greeted us by name; unfortunately, it was the wrong name, but kudos for trying. When we entered the restaurant, we were the first guests of the night so the entire restaurant crew assembled to greet us. The lighting inside was so perfect as to make the scene look like a Renaissance portrait. I wish I was ballsy enough to have whipped out my camera to capture the moment.

It was a tasting menu so we happily ate whatever was placed before us. The dishes were heavy on the umami flavour, and featured lots of fresh seafood.

We sat at the counter, facing the kitchen, which meant we had a dinner and a show. This proved to be way better than sitting at a traditional table.

Food preparation as performance art. The shell was cracked open before us then prepared.

The box of dessert. We were stuffed, but picked two of each.

Unfortunately, shortly after our visit, Frantzén closed its doors with plans to relocate.

Frantzén, formerly at Lilla Nygatan 21, 111 28 Stockholm, Sweden, relocating in 2017.

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