Tasty Tuesday: Pizzeria Via Mercanti

Pizzeria Via Mercanti opened their third location with wood-fired oven this past summer. They have a lot of competition among Toronto’s small chain Neapolitan-style pizzerias with Queen Margherita matching their three locations, and Pizzeria Libretto boasting four locations.

My significant other ordered the Quattro Stagioni (see above): Fior di Latte, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and prosciutto di Parma in tomato sauce. As you can see, the ingredients were split into four quandrants of the pizza. Personally, I would have preferred to have all the ingredients mixed together.

I ordered the Vegetariana: Fior di Latte, oregano, roasted red peppers, zucchini, eggplants, mixed mushrooms with olive oil. I have to say that I was disappointed by the dish, because it looked and tasted like they skimped on the vegetables, and the roasted flavour of the vegetables was weak.

Our dining companion ordered the Capricciosa: Fior di Latte, prosciutto cotto, mushrooms, and black olives with tomato sauce.

Our other dining companion got the Ciambella Ripiena: pizza margherita with stuffed crust of hot soppressata, ricotta, and black pepper with tomato sauce. The stuffed crust quickly filled our companion up.

While I found the Pizzeria Via Mercanti pizza bread tasty, it was not matched with super fresh, flavourful ingredients. This delicious contrast between base and topping is what I have come to expect after dining at competing chains, Queen Margherita and Pizzeria Libretto. With such a competitive market, Pizzeria Via Mercanti cannot afford skimp on toppings nor coast on their crust alone. 

Pizzeria Via Mercanti, 1503 Gerrard Street East, Toronto

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