Finding Mr. Destiny

Seo Ji Woo (Im Soo Jung) has never gotten over her first love, Kim Jong Wook, who she met during a trip to India a decade ago. Her desperate father enlists the help of Han Gi Joon (Gong Yoo), a nebbish private investigator who specializes in reuniting clients with their first loves. Ji Woo reluctantly joins the keen Gi Joon in the search for Kim Jong Wook, but they come to realize that love has been right beside them all along.

Let’s look back at some of our favourite scenes from Finding Mr. Destiny.

Finding Bae Yong Joon

The “Winter Sonata” tour of Seoul not only stops at the famous locations of this iconic drama, but also comes complete with a Bae Yong Joon lookalike for the full experience. When Gi Joon is punished by his travel agency’s head office for failing to sell vacations, he briefly subs in as Yon-sama for a busload of middle-aged Japanese women. He suffers quietly through the indignity of the terrible wig and the silly outfit, but the women’s grabby hands prove too much for him; Gi Joon walks off in a huff as they shout their apologies to his retreating back.

“You’re my first!”

Ji Woo attempts to release Gi Joon from service, telling him to keep the deposit for the job. An outraged Gi Joon loudly insists that money is not the issue; he has made great progress in his search for Kim Jong Wook, and he refuses to give up now. Gi Joon confesses that Ji Woo is his first client, but Ji Woo’s colleagues, who are watching close by, assume that he means ‘first love’. The crowd gleefully hoots as Gi Joon clumsily marches away, leaving Ji Woo to go into damage control by brusquely ordering everyone back to work.

Gi Joon steps up to the pitch

In the search for Kim Jong Wook, Ji Woo and Gi Joon find a candidate playing football. Ji Woo is peering at this Kim Jong Wook through binoculars when the ball goes rolling towards her and Gi Joon. Kim Jong Wook calls to them to pass the ball back, and both Ji Woo and Gi Joon instantly jump into hiding ineffectually behind poles. Suddenly, Gi Joon finds his courage, and steps out of hiding, flinging his visor aside. He points out the direction that the ball will fly then drop kicks it confidently. Unfortunately, Gi Joon misses the ball entirely, and lands face down on the pitch. Kim Jong Wook and his teammates appear baffled as Gi Joon beats the ground in frustration.

Off the clock with the ex-boss

Fresh from the funeral of the wrong Kim Jong Wook, Ji Woo decides she’d rather drink than keep searching. A nervous Gi Joon follows along, as Ji Woo gets more and more drunk. When Gi Joon’s former boss and co-workers show up at the same bar and start making fun of Gi Joon, Ji Woo flies off the handle, and drunkenly tells them off for being arrogant. Gi Joon finally hauls her away, but not before she thoroughly pinches the cheeks of Gi Joon’s former employer. For his trouble, Gi Joon gets the joy of being barfed on after he carries her home.

The kiss in India

A kiss from Gong Yoo! Need I say more? It’s not a huge spoiler to say that Gong Yoo not only plays Gi Joon, but also the Kim Jong Wook of Ji Woo’s memories of her time in India. I can’t blame her, because who wouldn’t want to romance Gong Yoo twice? In one of Ji Woo’s memories, she approaches a napping Jong Wook to steal a kiss. Jong Wook wakes up in the middle and a startled Ji Woo tries to run away. My head explodes into hearts and flowers as Jong Wook kisses her back. Wow.

Spoiler alert: the end is the beginning

At the risk of spoiling the ending for viewers who have yet to see Finding Mr. Destiny, here is the final kiss between Ji Woo and Gi Joon. After teasing Gi Joon, Ji Woo is about to walk ahead when he grabs and spins her into his arms before planting a kiss. It takes Ji Woo’s breath away, but she and Gi Joon both resurface to giggle before resuming their smooch. It was dreamy, and it will be something for you newbies to look forward to.

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  1. Do I need to watch this movie a third time and through a different venue? I watched it, totally didn’t understand it, and the version I watched ended with them going their separate ways. I watched it again thinking that I may have missed something in the subtitles (I do tend to fall asleep mid-watch sometimes). I was still left baffled and unsatisfied going “what’s the point”. I read others’ comments and nobody else seemed to understand what it was all about either.


    I know what I wanted it to be about – that she had an ideal guy in her head/memories just to conveniently keep others at arms length but then Gong Yoo’s character embodied and replaced that ideal and they ended up together, but that’s not what happened (in the version I saw).

    I wonder what’s going on. I guess I’ll seek it out for a third time (on a different streaming site) and watch only the ending.


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