News from the Noonas

As we approach our third birthday, we’re excited to announce two recent developments.

First, we have started writing a Kdrama news column for Han Cinema called “Hot Takes from the Noonas”. If you enjoy our weekly news digest, 진짜?!: Kdrama Buzz, then you’ll love our Han Cinema news articles. We will continue to post our weekly news digest at this site.

Second, we have created a sister site, Amuse Our Bouche. It is a food blog that will house all the Tasty Tuesday posts of the past, and all our future food posts. Please visit it when you’re feeling hungry.

Happy new year, and hope you will continue to read and comment at Noonas Over Forks in 2017. Be sure to share how you celebrate our birthday on January 20.


JK and Only


  1. Congratulations and happy new year. Love Tasty Tuesday. Just had a question, are you based Canada and go around to try different meals? It sounds simple, but just curious


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