Strong Woman Do Bong Soon episode 12

Side dish: Here’s something to take your mind off poor Kyung Shim being kidnapped: a recipe for Easy Vegan Nutella from the Minimalist Baker.

While strong woman, Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) bickers with gaming CEO, Ahn Min Hyuk (Park Hyung Sik) over a bowlful of noodles, her best friend, Kyung Shim is snatched by Kim Jang Hyun, the Dobong-dong kidnapper. Straight-laced detective, In Gook Doo (Ji Soo) and his team, meanwhile, can’t figure out how the kidnapper slipped through their fingers again.

In fact, no one realizes that Kyung Shim is missing, so when Bong Soon texts Kyung Shim, she has no idea that she’s talking to the kidnapper, and she inadvertently reveals to him that she’ll lose her strength if she hurts an innocent person.

That night, she and Min Hyuk continue to flirt over the phone, while the kidnapper plots something evil, and Gook Doo finally finds the cameras hidden in the police precinct. Even with that evidence in hand, the police captain prevents Gook Doo’s supervisor from pursuing the case against the kidnapper to avoid any embarrassment over having previously caught the wrong guy.

Back at work, Bong Soon is caught up in the upcoming presentation for her video game. Min Hyuk, meanwhile, corners her in a seminar room to finally confirm her feelings for him. When she does, he suggests they go on a trip to gather ideas, but instead he takes her to a hotel room on the sea. An oblivious Bong Soon takes Min Hyuk at his word and tries to have a planning meeting, but Min Hyuk finally snaps and drags her out to the seaside. The two of them frolic in the waves, then finally kiss.

Bong Soon has her head in the clouds when she comes home that night, but is brought down to earth by the realization that something is up with Kyung Shim. Bong Soon calls Gook Doo in a panic, and he soon tracks down Kyung Shim’s wrist monitor and luggage to a homeless guy. Finally, Gook Doo’s desperate supervisor ignores the police captain, and orders the team to search the kidnapper’s junkyard. Unfortunately, even with a frantic Bong Soon trying to help out, the police turn up nothing.

Back at home, Bong Soon receives a video of the kidnapper threatening Kyung Shim. The kidnapper tells her to come to them alone if she wants to see Kyung Shim again. Instead, Bong Soon goes to Min Hyuk’s house for help.

Episode Review

Only 만: Bong Soon and Min Hyuk finally kissed! How did you feel about this development?

Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다: I couldn’t enjoy it. Just like I could not enjoy much of this episode. It was all ruined by the PD and the writer’s decision to start the episode with the kidnapping and assault of Kyung Shim.

Only: By any objective measure, Bong Soon and Min Hyuk have some great scenes in this episode, but it’s really difficult to enjoy any of it, because Kyung Shim’s kidnapping hung over every moment. I wanted to smack them upside the head and tell them to go back to Dobong-dong.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Agreed. For anyone to enjoy Bong Soon and Min Hyuk being lovey dovey would have required the viewer to be as oblvious as the couple, except the viewer would have to actively forget the suffering of the kidnapper’s victims.

Only: This is the problem when you stick a psychopath into a romantic comedy. The shift in tone is too much, and it’s so frustrating, because by any other measure, in any other romantic comedy, that would have been a great kiss. My head should have exploded with how cute they were.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Worse yet, the show decided to waste time with Baek Tak’s pilgrimage to a temple. The damn writer decided to distract me from the women’s suffering with a racist caricature of a Buddhist monk.

Only: I couldn’t concentrate on the monk long enough to be offended by him. Sitting through the Baek Tak scenes was so frustrating that I actually cheered from relief when they ended and Bong Soon finally figured out that something was up with Kyung Shim.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Those were the only times I found satisfaction with this episode: when the characters actually dealt with the pressing matter of the kidnapper. So, I too, was relieved that Bong Soon quickly figured out that the person texting her was not Kyung Shim. Thankfully, Gook Doo also figured out the kidnapper’s camera and disabled it.

Only: Gook Doo’s discovery would have been even more satisfying if the kidnapper hadn’t been so unconcerned about it. Though, he’s got good reason not to be worried. How did Gook Doo’s team search the junkyard, but not go into that building?!?

Junggugeo Kaenada: They decided to risk getting fired to do a search of the kidnapper’s property without a warrant then gave up after a half-assed effort. I start to think that police incompetence is a default of Korean dramas. But, let me try to stay positive. Bong Soon can’t possibly be distracted by her love life nor her professional development after seeing the video of Kyung Shim and the kidnapper. Progress is now guaranteed!

Only: I can hardly wait. Not that I don’t love watching Bong Soon and Min Hyuk bicker, but I’d love it even more without worrying about what the kidnapper will do next.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (힘쎈여자 도봉순)

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