“Emergency Couple” episode 3 recap

Watch out when she gets her hands on the defibrillator.
Watch out when she gets her hands on the defibrillator.

Side dish: You never know when your army sergeant of a supervisor will cut your lunchtime short the way the ER supervisor does in this episode of “Emergency Couple”. So, for a quick lunch, I recommend the yam burrito from Big Fat Burrito. It’s delicious, hearty, portable, and made fresh to order.

Episode Recap

Last we saw, a crazed patient had taken Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) hostage, but both patient and Chang Min were zapped into unconsciousness by his ex-wife and fellow medical intern, Oh Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) wielding a defibrillator.

Chang Min is rushed into treatment by his teammates who proceed to stand around like incompetent bystanders with no medical training. Chang Min goes into cardiac arrest, and everyone is reluctant to perform CPR, because he has cooties or something. Only Jin Hee jumps right in and manages to revive her ex while their teammates continue to act shocked at Jin Hee’s willingness to touch lips with Chang Min.

As Chang Min’s condition stabilizes, Jin Hee frets at his bedside, then literally beats her head while her supervisor, Kook Cheon Soo (Lee Pil Mo) watches on. He reveals that prior to her frantic attempt to save Chang Min’s life, Chang Min had tried to get her transferred out of the team. He wonders aloud about the nature of their relationship.

Chang Min wakes up, and speechlessly points an accusatory finger at Jin Hee, while everyone regales him with tales of her heroic CPR. Though he remains weak, Chang Min finds the strength to take his ex to a private place in order to rebuke her for creating the crisis in the first place. Jin Hee switches from concern to outrage at Chang Min’s lack of gratitude. It is only after his colleague recounts how hard Jin Hee worked to revive him that Chang Min manages to look slightly perturbed. Chang Min’s brief flash of sympathy compels him to buy Jin Hee a drink. But, after Jin Hee snarls at him, expecting more grief from her ex, Chang Min wimps out, hiding the drinks behind his back.

Outside the spa belonging to Jin Hee’s mother, mom is fighting to retain a medical device that she has no right to possess without a medical licence. Jin Hee comes on the scene at that moment, and mom is quick to use Jin Hee’s licence to reclaim the medical device. Jin Hee’s stress only increases afterwards as her mom and business partner force a massage on her then ask for payment.

The bad times continue for Jin Hee back at the hospital. New resident, Sim Ji Hye (Choi Yeo Jin) reveals that she was forced to work late due to Jin Hee’s actions, then puts Jin Hee on the spot with a pop quiz. Fellow sexy intern, Han A Reum (Clara) then graces Jin Hee with her presence over lunch, but leaves Jin Hee wishing that she could return to eating alone. A Reum assumes that Jin Hee does not get hit on by men much, asks about her advanced age, acts interested in Chang Min, and critiques Jin Hee’s appearance. Staring at Jin Hee’s empty lunch tray, A Reum notes how the size of one’s appetite does not correlate with the size of one’s talent.

While his teammates are eating lunch at the cafeteria, Chang Min is sent on a blind date by his mother with a minister’s daughter. The pressure is on as he is told that his evil aunts do not believe that he is capable of bagging a minister’s daughter, while his mother believes that the girl will fall for him within five minutes. She reminds him to leave out the fact that he is divorced.

At an art gallery, Chang Min discovers that the minister’s daughter is unattractive, vacuous, and quick to create drama as she splashes water in the face of a previous blind date. However, when the drenched man insults the minister’s daughter, Chang Min defends her by telling the man that his expectations are too high. The minister’s daughter visibly sighs at his gallantry. Unfortunately, she is not really the minister’s daughter, but someone who serves as the daughter’s proxy on blind dates.

After learning of the sham of a blind date, Chang Min’s mother marches right over to her evil siblings, who she notes are always drinking rather than doctoring, to complain. However, mom decides not to give up on the minister’s daughter when she discovers that the girl is also a doctor.

Of course, it is a small world, and the minister’s daughter turns out to be sexy and impertinent intern, A Reum. A Reum has her own revelation while receiving a glowing report from her proxy who reveals that Chang Min was her date.

Lunch is cut short for the ER interns when their supervisor, Kook Cheon Soo orders them to pair up and gives them 30 minutes to save a patient with a chest abscess. Jin Hee is left to struggle on her own since Chang Min is still returning from his blind date. After failing to meet the deadline, and having her patient declared dead, it is revealed that the interns were working on dummies. With the pressure off, Jin Hee proceeds to finish treating the abscess, then drags the dummy over to the supervisor’s office in a bid to appear spunky if not competent. Chang Min returns just in time to witness Jin Hee falling into the ER supervisor’s arms. While Jin Hee berates Chang Min for leaving her in the lurch for a blind date, Chang Min counters like a jealous man, outraged that Jin Hee’s tiny breasts made contact with the ER supervisor’s chest.

On to the next crisis: a terminal patient with esophageal cancer. The ER supervisor has both Chang Min and Jin Hee running at his call for “Dr. Oh”. The Dr. Ohs are instructed to escort the patient, only to become trapped in an elevator just as the patient takes a turn for the worse. A tracheotomy is required, but neither Chang Min nor Jin Hee have ever done one. Chang Min is holding a scalpel above the dying patient’s throat when Jin Hee’s hand encloses his to stop the trembling. The exes stare at each other for longer than they should, given the urgent situation, and we are left with a cliffhanger.


There is a lot of bickering between the lead couple, so I’m surprised that I am not put off by those scenes. Also, I don’t hate Jin Hee for her incompetence, nor Chang Min for his insensitivity. I can only attribute this to the acting of Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk. Jin Hee may be constantly beat down, but Song Ji Hyo neither makes her pathetic nor an impossible shining model of virtue. I like her character’s dogged determination to remain an intern, which seems stronger this episode than in previous ones. Choi Jin Hyuk is too attractive to assess rationally, because logically, his character is an ass. Yet, a general sense of decency and concern for his ex-wife make an appearance at least a few times each episode, and it’s enough to hope that he will become a better person soon.

I’m grateful to the writers for keeping the medical part of the drama relatively short. Even shorter segments would be fantastic; I don’t know how many more deer-in-the-headlights stares I can take from the team of interns. And, please, no more physically aggressive patients running roughshod over the ER.

Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다

Emergency Couple (응급남녀)

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