“Emergency Couple” episode 2 recap

Always handy to have a bag of pee on hand.
Always have a bag of pee on hand when you work with your ex.

Side dish: The honeymoon phase isn’t over yet, so time for a classic Italian pick-me-up to get you though the night. Tiramisu has fat, sugar, chocolate and coffee, i.e., pretty much everything you need to ensure that you’ll be wide awake to watch “Emergency Couple”.  Make your own tiramisu or go out to F’amelia and get their delicious version. Eat everything else they have there while you’re at it.

Episode Recap

Episode 2 opens with a shower scene! Sadly, it’s Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo) washing off the night before, while reliving the humiliation of waking up from a drunken stupor in the ER where she’s supposed to start working. Chang Min (Choi Jin-Hyuk) is otherwise occupied with freaking out on the roof.

Jin Hee comes out of the shower only to realize that she has nothing to change into, and is forced to borrow clothes from the sexy fellow intern (Clara) who barely contains her distaste for Jin Hee’s stinky wedding dress. “Your style of fashion is very special.”

The ER chief (Lee Pil Mo) calls her to his office where he tells her to quit because she’ll never make it. To increase the humiliation factor, he does this in front of another doctor, with the other interns eavesdropping. Chang Min chases them off, just in time to see Jin Hee going down on her knees and turning on the waterworks. He leaves, disgusted, and misses seeing her refuse to quit. The ER chief relents and it seems like a serious moment until she falls over and almost pulls down his pants.

Jin Hee comes back out to the ER to find the nurses recounting last night’s story (see episode 1 recap) to the other interns. Chang Min drags her into a stairwell to tell her to quit, and they argue until they’re called back to the ER. (Incidentally, there’s a really odd mural of a cat coming out of a painting behind them in this scene. Where is this stairwell? What is the significance of the cat?)

They go to the ER where some doctor stuff happens but, sadly, I zoned out. I zoned back in to find Chang Min standing in a hallway in the hospital with his evil mom (the same actress who played his evil mom in “The Heirs”. How nice to have a specialty) on one end and Jin Hee on the other. He grabs Jin Hee and runs into a closet to avoid evil mom. They fight, and she throws pee in his face. Apparently she was on her way to throw some pee out. How convenient.

When they get back to the ER, they get yelled at because she screwed up some doctor stuff (zoned out again), and then they go to lunch. It turns out that the other interns are mad because they think she’s dragging them down, so they tell Chang Min to do something to get rid of her. She’s there when he lines up for food, so he acts like a jerk until the sexy intern shows up and tells her to her face that she better get it together or they’re all going to fail. So far, sexy intern is my favourite character; maybe I’ll try to remember her name next time.

Chang Min asks the ER chief to fire Jin Hee, to no avail. Having spent a total of 5 minutes being doctors, it’s the end of day one, and everyone goes home. Predictably, all the interns are buddy-buddy except for Jin Hee who gets the stink-eye as she leaves alone. She gets home to find her mom and her mom’s friends throwing a party for her first day at work. Yay! Everyone talks about her divorce. Boo!

Cut to Chang Min’s evil mom and evil aunts at the spa. She’s plotting to use her money to erase any evidence that Chang Min was ever married and she warns the evil aunts never to mention it again.

Cut back to Jin Hee looking at her textbooks and berating herself. Lighten up, Jin Hee. Lighten up.

Day two, ER: Chang Min’s first patient is a woman with a stomachache who is browbeating him to give her Demerol. He gives in. Uh-oh. Jin Hee helps the ER chief with a patient who’s been in a motorcycle accident, but the patient gets worse. ER chief gets called to another guy who’s dying. What to do? Chang Min and Jin Hee both need help and all the other doctors are at a conference. Suddenly, Chang Min’s patient bursts into Jin Hee’s patient’s room, overpowers both of them and fixes the problem. It turns out she’s their new boss and she’s pissed! Not sure how it’s their fault that the ER is understaffed but whatevs; blame the intern!

Everything seems to have calmed down when in walks a crazy, drunk patient who wants to kill himself because he got dumped, and a cop whom he accidentally stabbed. As they’re treating him, Crazy Drunk Guy grabs the cop’s gun and takes Chang Min hostage. While the ER chief tries to calm the guy down, Jin Hee grabs a defibrillator and zaps Crazy Drunk Guy. Chang Min falls to the ground, unconscious, and the episode ends.


Jin Hee’s spent two episodes screwing up, being humiliated, and beating herself up, and Chang Min’s spent two episodes being a selfish jerk. Also, I’m not sure what happened to his hair between this episode and the last (maybe he got pee in it?) but he now seems to be sporting a bad perm. That said, despite most of the characters being unlikeable, “Emergency Couple” has held  my limited attention. I’m even curious to see how, or if, they’re going to be redeemed in the next 18 episodes. In the meantime, I hope they tone it down with the fighting; it’s really not that funny.

Only 만

Emergency Couple (응급남녀)

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  1. I think there are still glimpses into the decent side of Chang Min, like when he placed Jin Hee in the cafeteria line between himself and the sexy intern so that she wouldn’t feel left out. However, I could just be blinded by Choi Jin Hyuk’s face.


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