Beast Restaurant

My apologies if I ramble; my significant other and I split an order of in-house maple bacon donuts before I even got started on this heart attack-inducing dish, so I’m writing this from the depths of a food coma. The crispy pork hocks tossed in kecap manis and served with kimchi turned out to be cubes of deep-fried pork, and the fat oozing out of them made a mockery of my supposedly healthy poached eggs on the side. They were tasty, but I would have been okay with two, rather than the four I was given (no problem: my significant other ate it). The kimchi was crunchy, and the in-house hot sauce was spicy and flavourful, but the real standout was on my significant other’s plate: the boar face tasso ham in the meat scramble. Yes, the name is literal… it’s ham made from boar face.

★ ★ ★ ★

Beast Restaurant, 96 Tecumseth Street, Toronto

Dined March 2014 – Only 

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