“Secret Love Affair” episode 12 recap

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Episode Recap

Oh Hye Won (Kim Hee Ae) is getting ready to leave her bedroom when her husband, Kang Joon Hyung (Park Hyeok Kwon) stops her. He states that if she ends her affair with his student, Lee Sun Jae (Yoo Ah In), and no one finds out, then he will forgive her. He places the blame on her, claiming that Sun Jae is young and naive, and she should know better at her age.

Hye Won attempts to avoid confrontation, but Joon Hyung makes it clear that divorce is not an option; his fourth generation Christian family would never allow it.

Hye Won once again brushes Joon Hyung aside, advising him to check the news. It is only then that the self-absorbed little man discovers the scandal involving the arrest of the Seohan Arts Foundation Chairman (Seo Pil Won).

There is a media frenzy outside the waiting room where Hye Won is holed up with the Chairman’s wife, Han Sung Sook (Shim Hye Jin) and the Chairman’s daughter, Seo Young Woo (Kim Hye Eun). Young Woo reacts in horror when she is informed that her visitation with her father will be shared with Sung Sook, her stepmother. Sung Sook tells her to grow up.

Meanwhile, back at the Foundation, Sun Jae is picking up DVD copies of his recent piano performance. Hye Won’s assistant reassures him that she will take care of his competition applications. However, Sun Jae’s mind is on Hye Won, and he asks the assistant where his teacher is. The assistant delicately explains that Hye Won is busy with the scandal, and leaves out her location.

Outside Hye Won’s office, Sun Jae sighs, and attempts to reach Hye Won via text. He notifies her that he has picked up her performance DVD. He promises to use it well, even though it was paid for with corrupt money.

A glass window separates the Chairman from his wife and daughter as he relays his desperation to get out of jail. He is even willing to spill all his secrets. Sung Sook and Young Woo both react with alarm.

Sung Sook attempts to calm the Chairman down, asking him to be patient since his team is working hard, but the Chairman only wants to see Hye Won. Young Woo jealously demands to know why her father is choosing to divulge information to Hye Won instead of her. Meanwhile, Sung Sook very quietly sings a sad song. The Chairman should watch out since the last time Sung Sook sang for him, she ended her performance with a kick in the pants.

Back in the waiting room, Hye Won receives a call from Sung Sook notifying her that their visitation is done. Hye Won is on her way to escort Sung Sook and Young Woo home when she runs into Young Woo’s husband, who is also the Chairman’s lawyer. He notes that Hye Won is regarded highly enough by the Chairman to warrant a visitation slot right after his. Hye Won demurs that she is simply the landlord’s agent. The lawyer stares with a look of trepidation at Hye Won as she waits for the elevator before he walks away.

Sun Jae is at the cubicle of Joon Hyung’s assistant asking for the original copy of his audition video. After receiving it, Sun Jae hesitantly asks the assistant if he can take classes in English and German. The assistant is dumbfounded by the request.

Joon Hyung runs into Sun Jae as his student is departing, and they have an awkward exchange. Inside his office, Joon Hyung’s assistant informs him of Sun Jae’s request for English and German classes. Joon Hyung has the exact same reaction as his assistant.

Sitting outside on campus, Sun Jae is approached by the downtrodden student with the crappy cello. She compliments him on his performance, and asks if he would do a duet with her sometime. Sun Jae acknowledges her request without actually giving any response. Sad cello student walks away only to be replaced by someone less accommodating.

Rich girl, Jung Yoo Ra (Jin Bo Ra) suddenly sits down beside Sun Jae, and bluntly asks if beauty spa worker, Park Da Mi (Kyung Soo Jin) who assaulted her, is his girlfriend. Without waiting for a response, Yoo Ra reveals that she briefly dated Sun Jae’s friend, Son Jang Ho (Choi Tae Hwan), who was masquerading as a fellow college student. Finally, Yoo Ra brings up his cozy relationship with Hye Won. Sun Jae’s only response to Yoo Ra’s veiled threats is to pack up as quickly as possible, and act as if she was not even there. Yoo Ra watches Sun Jae’s retreating back with a smirk.

Hye Won presents Sun Jae’s performance DVD to Sung Sook who is pleased with this one positive development at the Foundation. Sung Sook casually suggests that Hye Won should have taken Sun Jae out for lunch to celebrate, but Hye Won changes the subject to her visit with the Chairman that afternoon. Sung Sook allows Hye Won to escape without any additional jab at Sun Jae.

Outside Sung Sook’s office, Hye Won runs into Dean Min (Kim Chang Wan). Dean Min expresses sympathy for Hye Won’s current hardship, and Hye Won again uses her visit with the Chairman as a means of escape. Dean Min delays his entry into Sung Sook’s office to stare after Hye Won. Hye Won glances uneasily back as she walks away, sensing the Dean’s eyes trained on her.

In her office, Sung Sook discusses the visitation order as decided by the Chairman with Dean Min. It is noteworthy, because the order reflects everyone’s order of importance in the Chairman’s estimation. Hye Won is ranked too high for Sung Sook’s peace of mind, and Dean Min laughs at Sung Sook’s unease. Sung Sook is unclear as to the true psychological status of her husband, which also irritates her. Dean Min finds the entire calamity highly amusing.

At the jail, Hye Won meets with a revived Chairman, newly buoyed by anger at everyone’s anticipation of his collapse. Given his more determined frame of mind, the Chairman has decided to push aside whatever he was going to speak about with Hye Won. Regardless, the Chairman knows that Hye Won will be hounded by everyone for information as soon as she leaves. Hye Won promises to be careful about what she reveals.

At everyone’s favourite beauty spa, Sung Sook receives a massage while Ms. Baek, the fortune teller/trader in inside information sits beside her. Ms. Baek advises Sung Sook to just leave Hye Won alone for the time being. They will attempt to pry information about the Chairman’s hidden cash out of Hye Won later when they have more leverage against her.

Meanwhile, Hye Won is having coffee with Professor Jo (Park Jong Hoon) to ask him to talk Sun Jae into going to study in Germany. Professor Jo makes it clear that he is aware of Hye Won’s worry that Sun Jae will become embroiled in the Foundation scandal. Hye Won does not even refute this, and looks teary.

Back home, Professor Jo’s wife, Ji Soo knows that her husband met with Hye Won, and she is concerned about Hye Won’s health. Professor Jo reveals Hye Won’s request to send Sun Jae to Germany, but Ji Soo knows that Joon Hyung would never allow it. She suggests that Professor Jo send Sun Jae abroad at the same time as his own star pupil, Min Woo so that Joon Hyung’s competitiveness prevents him from objecting. It is refreshing to find two people who are plotting to help rather than destroy Hye Won.

Sun Jae awkwardly enters a practice room where Professor Jo and Min Woo are talking. Min Woo invites Sun Jae to his going away party; he will be leaving for Geneva soon to prepare for a competition. Sun Jae answers noncommittally.

After Min Woo departs, Professor Jo points out the sad state of Sun Jae’s demeanor. They settle down with drinks then Professor Jo broaches the subject of sending Sun Jae to Germany, following the wishes of Hye Won. Sun Jae is surprised, but asks Professor Jo to tell Hye Won not to worry about him. Professor Jo teases him about his bravado.

Joon Hyung spots this cozy conversation between his rival and his student as he passes by. Joon Hyung takes his grievance about Professor Jo’s interference with his student to Dean Min. Dean Min advises Joon Hyung not to be petty, especially since Joon Hyung and Professor Jo will be in competition for the Dean position.

Dean Min brings up the rumours about Hye Won, and Joon Hyung smoothly scoffs at them, claiming that he knows that everything is completely innocent. Dean Min again stresses that Joon Hyung should not create drama, and Joon Hyung amicably agrees.

Hye Won sits exhausted on her office couch, holding her smartphone, while Sun Jae plays his piano at home. Neither is able to communicate with the other.

Sun Jae goes downstairs to the restaurant that used to belong to his mother, and the woman who currently presides over the place points to the far side of the room. Hye Won is eating, facing the wall. Sun Jae stares at Hye Won’s back with a mixture of sadness and disbelief.

Sun Jae sits down across from Hye Won, and casually asks where her car is. Hye Won quietly indicates that it is at work, and continues to eat. Sun Jae joins her, laughing to himself at this unexpected meeting. Hye Won continues to shovel food into her mouth without looking up.

Sun Jae accompanies Hye Won on a bus. She dozes off while he watches her. They appear to end up at a shared vacation home of some kind. Hye Won sits listlessly on the floor while Sun Jae sets up the sleeping futon and lists all the amenities of the establishment.

Hye Won tells Sun Jae to place his futon at a distance from hers. Given the precarious nature of their affair, she is not in the mood to make the beast with two backs. Sun Jae pauses only briefly then continues to set the second futon up without a word. Hye Won asks why Sun Jae is doing such a half-assed job with his own futon, and Sun Jae sulkily calls himself a beast. Hye Won laughs in disbelief.

Sun Jae hands Hye Won pajamas, and Hye Won is impressed that he packed with her in mind. Hye Won mentions being hungry, and Sun Jae dutifully goes to the communal kitchen, but finds it occupied by a young couple. Sun Jae is about to return to his room when he decides to step outside to hide Hye Won’s shoes.

Hye Won texts Joon Hyung to tell him that she will be out late with Ji Soo. Joon Hyung sits back and sighs, then texts back, “Have fun.” Hye Won looks grim as Sun Jae returns to report the status of the communal kitchen, and that he hid her shoes, because they look expensive. Instead of thanking him, Hye Won directs Sun Jae to stand guard while she uses the bathroom.

Joon Hyung goes out to meet Young Woo and her sister-in-law, evil cello teacher at a lounge. Young Woo bluntly states that she called him out to talk trash about Hye Won. When they ask where she is, Joon Hyung claims that his wife went to bed early. Young Woo wonders if Joon Hyung had a threesome with Hye Won and Sun Jae when all three were absent during the after-party. Joon Hyung dismisses Young Woo before stepping away to read a text. The text indicates that another party is interested in exposing Hye Won’s affair, but Joon Hyung asks that he be the first to secure the evidence, and he is willing to pay for the privilege.

Sun Jae shows Hye Won the app that he has installed on both of their smartphones that will allow them to share music with each other. Unfortunately, Hye Won is not familiar with pop music, because she was so preoccupied with study and work when she was young.

One of Hye Won’s jobs was to serve as Young Woo’s babysitter while they studied abroad. Hye Won recalls waiting at a New York coffee shop until Young Woo emerged from the nightclubs. Hye Won asks Sun Jae to use his app to find the song that the coffee shop owner used to sing. She says it’s an old song that was probably popular when their parents were young, and I am in disbelief when it turns out to be Billy Joel’s 1973 song, “Piano Man”. It’s not THAT old.

Hye Won contentedly listens to “Piano Man” on earphones provided by Sun Jae before Sun Jae takes one of the earphones to listen in. Hye Won closes her eyes and starts to sob.

Meanwhile, the man who texted with Joon Hyung is sneaking outside Hye Won and Sun Jae’s room. He uses his phone to take a photo of Hye Won’s hidden shoes.

The viewers are forced to listen to “Piano Man” in its entirety alongside Hye Won and Sun Jae. When the song ends, Sun Jae again attempts to convince Hye Won to run away with him. Hye Won objects to wasting his talent, but Sun Jae does not believe that his choices are so black and white. Just as Hye Won is about to pick a fight, Sun Jae pulls in for a prolonged kiss.

The next morning, Sun Jae goes outside to retrieve Hye Won’s shoes from their hiding place. Hye Won hears him outside their room, and gets him to open the door so that they can enjoy the morning together.

Over breakfast at a local restaurant, Hye Won is in disbelief at how Sun Jae can be so optimistic about the future. They start talking about what they could possibly eat for lunch as they continue to shovel breakfast into their mouths.

While they eat, Joon Hyung’s man is in Hye Won and Sun Jae’s empty room. He uses a sticky lint roller to collect evidence of their stay from the futon.

As Sun Jae pays for breakfast, the restaurant proprietress asks if he is with his aunt or mother. Sun Jae pauses then firmly states that they are a couple. The proprietress stares as Sun Jae leads Hye Won by the hand out of the restaurant.

Back at the vacation home, Sun Jae and Hye Won prepare lunch in the communal kitchen. Sun Jae reveals that he has contacted schools abroad saying that he and his teacher, Hye Won are a package deal. Hye Won sits down in disbelief as Sun Jae reiterates his intention to use his performance videos, funded by corrupt money, well.

Young Woo, her lawyer husband and Sung Sook are gathered for another visitation with the Chairman, and are surprised to learn that Hye Won has not been seen. Young Woo starts screeching her outrage at Hye Won’s absence in the midst of a crisis. Sung Sook belittles Young Woo, saying that everyone needs a break. Young Woo refuses to abandon her suspicion about Hye Won’s absence, but her husband also disregards her.

Sung Sook calls Hye Won in front of Young Woo and her husband, lightly asking if she is resting, because Young Woo is concerned. Young Woo protests any such sentiment in the background. Hye Won asks Sung Sook to convey her apology to Young Woo then gives herself the weekend off.

After getting off her phone, Hye Won objects to the aesthetically displeasing features of the holiday home. Sun Jae points out that his place is much worse, but Hye Won argues that the holiday home is trying to appeal to customers, plus she is blind to the flaws of Sun Jae’s home. Sun Jae responds by viewing the ugly features of the vacation home in a poetic way, causing Hye Won to again marvel at his earnest manner of speech.

Sun Jae hopes that at least one of the organizations he contacted will respond. Hye Won reminds him that the Foundation has expectations that he will need to fulfill. Sun Jae refuses to be beholden to the corrupt funding of the organization. Hye Won reminds him not to cause trouble for her sake.

Knowing that Hye Won must depart before the sun sets, Sun Jae is reminded of something he read in The Little Prince about sunset being the hardest time of the day. They sit silently holding hands.

Joon Hyung is sitting restlessly in his office when he hears Hye Won come home, accompanied by her alibi, Ji Soo, and bags of groceries. After Hye Won goes to fetch some wine to give to Ji Soo, Joon Hyung chit chats with his wife’s friend. He is about to step away when Ji Soo scolds him for failing to help Hye Won with the groceries. Joon Hyung sheepishly complies while Ji Soo shakes her head and sneers in disgust.

After dropping the groceries in the kitchen, he tell Hye Won that they need to talk then marches upstairs. Hye Won hands the bottle of wine to Ji Soo, who warns Hye Won to take care of matters before they explode.

Hye Won reluctantly sits down to have the talk with her husband. Joon Hyung asks if she and Professor Jo are conspiring to send Sun Jae abroad. Hye Won carefully denies banding together with Professor Jo. Joon Hyung reminds Hye Won that the scholarship fine print states that he must agree to Sun Jae’s study abroad, and Hye Won quietly points out that he has nothing to worry about.

Joon Hyung flings a magazine, and angrily shouts that Sun Jae should have discussed his plans with him first. Hye Won cowers, clutching her head until Joon Hyung storms away. Hye Won gets up to leave, and Joon Hyung calls her a rotten bitch before marching to bed, and turning off the light. Hye Won is left to walk unsteadily in the dark.

Hye Won walks downstairs and starts corresponding with Sun Jae in the guise of his online older male friend. Sun Jae feels awful that he has left his woman with another man, but Hye Won reassures him that his girlfriend probably doesn’t have sex with her husband. She almost accidentally reveals her true identity, but catches her mistake before sending out her message.

Hye Won suggests to Sun Jae that his girlfriend might be missing him already. Sun Jae is not comforted and decides to log off. Both Hye Won and Sun Jae look tired and become weepy in their respective places.

Monday morning, Sung Sook asks Hye Won if she had a restful weekend. Hye Won thanks her for allowing her the time off, then asks after the Chairman, who is wavering between hopelessness and bravado. Sung Sook then gets to the point and asks Hye Won to reveal how much of the Chairman’s money has been squirreled away under Young Woo’s company name. Hye Won denies that it is much. Sung Sook smoothly suggests that the funds be moved to her accounts before they are discovered. However, Hye Won denies that she has the authority to make that decision. Sung Sook watches Hye Won fixedly.

As Hye Won walks away from Sung Sook’s office, she remembers Sung Sook trying to compel her exclusive loyalty by claiming to be a master of intelligence warfare. Hye Won enters her office and is shocked to find Sun Jae’s ex-girlfriend, Da Mi waiting for her to speak about Sun Jae. Hye Won’s assistant walks out, aware of how volatile the situation is. An uneasy Hye Won is left to face Da Mi alone.


Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다: I felt like a lot of patience was required to get through this rather slow episode. About as much patience as Sun Jae exhibits when catering to Hye Won.

Only 만: It’s true. She’s very moody with him. Sun Jae keeps trying to talk seriously with Hye Won, and she won’t let him. Instead, she keeps it light, or just vents at him.

중국어 캐나다: On the plus side, Sun Jae is growing in my estimation thanks to his matter of fact way of dealing with Hye Won as well as the barriers to their relationship. It is as you were hoping: a more nuanced reaction to the problems that the couple is facing.

: Sun Jae seems to have a better idea than Hye Won does that there’s a world outside the Foundation. That said, considering they’re being followed, I was again unable to enjoy their romantic interlude.

중국어 캐나다: But, I’m taking the attitude you had with the last episode: what could Joon Hyung possibly do with the evidence that wouldn’t negatively affect him?

: Well, he could put her in jail, since adultery is a criminal offence in South Korea, as I’ve discovered. But, he would have to divorce her and also be terribly embarrassed. It’s unlikely that he’d be able to jump that hurdle. It would also cost him Sun Jae, and any standing he has in the Foundation.

중국어 캐나다: Exactly. And, we know that Joon Hyung is willing to sacrifice a lot for his career, including his dignity and his marriage. So, I do not understand why he is so invested in obtaining evidence of the affair.

: My guess is that it’s a power play. But, he can threaten her with divorce and jail all he wants, since that’ll only ruin his own life as well.

중국어 캐나다: He actually threatened to withhold divorce, so this is getting more and more perplexing.

: Or, in case she decides to divorce him, he can hold the threat of jail over her head? Maybe that’s what he’s up to.

중국어 캐나다: Another thing I found confusing: Hye Won cowering before a furious Joon Hyung. She has dealt with his anger repeatedly, and she has been assaulted by Young Woo. What the heck is she so scared of?

: No physical courage, I guess? But you’re right, it doesn’t make sense.

중국어 캐나다: I feel like the writers are being lazy, and simply decided that they needed to show Hye Won being delicate and vulnerable without Sun Jae’s protection?

: I got the impression here that Hye Won is being indecisive, and it’s leaving everyone troubled. She literally won’t answer questions from Sun Jae, from Joon Hyung or from her friends about what she intends to do. For the audience, it’s pretty much like watching a holding pattern.

중국어 캐나다: Well, if this series is supposed to last another eight episodes, I guess they have to save something.

: I agree with that, but it would be nice to have some idea of what she’s thinking. After telling him to stay away, she shows up at the restaurant. They go to an inn, but she makes him sleep on the other side of the room. If Sun Jae’s not frustrated, at least, I am. He’s so patient with it, as you noted.

중국어 캐나다: I feel like Hye Won’s sudden appearance at the restaurant below Sun Jae’s apartment is just a sign of how desperate she is. She knows that she shouldn’t be meeting with Sun Jae, and she has been trying to break any contact with him. Yet, Hye Won can’t stop herself.

: Like I said, holding pattern; it’s exactly the same sort of push and pull with Sun Jae from before they were caught. Unless showing up at the restaurant is a decision of some sort.

중국어 캐나다: By the way, are Professor Jo and his wife, Ji Soo the only redeeming characters on this show? I wish they had factored more strongly in the show so that I wouldn’t have this bad taste in my mouth from watching so many assholes in action.

: Well, it’s nice that Hye Won has some friends of redeeming value, though she doesn’t really let them help her. Instead, Professor Jo and Ji Soo seem to depend on her to manage the assholes.

중국어 캐나다: Among the assholes, I have a special place in my heart for Joon Hyung and Young Woo as a couple. Every time they get together, it’s a comedy act. She says something terrible or acts badly, and he just tries to ignore it or acts put off.

: Yes, I wonder why they never got together. Actually, I wonder more why Joon Hyung and Hye Won got married.

중국어 캐나다: Joon Hyung is too poor and lacking in connections for Young Woo to consider marrying. However, Hye Won was probably getting on in age, and marrying Joon Hyung was convenient: he was there at the Foundation.

: Actually, in marrying Joon Hyung, I kind of wondered if Hye Won wasn’t marrying Young Woo’s cast off. It was implied in the first episode that it could have been Joon Hyung that Young Woo was in bed with.

중국어 캐나다: I took that as Young Woo’s way of taking a dig at Hye Won, but Hye Won never took it seriously, and after seeing the way Young Woo and Joon Hyung interact, I find it unlikely that they have ever done anything sexual with each other.

: Well, Joon Hyung is a pretty asexual character. Though he’s the only person that Young Woo acts normal around. She’s either a suck up or an asshole to everyone else.

중국어 캐나다: You’re forgetting when Young Woo assaulted Joon Hyung in order to convince him to support her coup.

: I am. So many assaults, it’s hard to keep track with that woman.

Secret Love Affair (밀회)

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  1. Thank you for the great review.
    I felt so scared that their affair is now visible to Hye Won’s husband and to the bitches who enjoyed watching her in pain but then thanks to the best couple i was able to breath while watching their conversation.


  2. Kudos on your review. You capture all the details. I must admit to only be interested in our OTP. The rest of the characters seem to be poor excuses for human beings. Your screen captures are great. What do you use?


      1. Hi! I use Photoshop to lighten them up sometimes if they’re too dark, but this was a less gloomy episode than usual.


  3. The Piano Man song made me depressed for a few days! What a sad song! And it speaks out loud about HW’s life! There’s no easy answer for HW but for SJ’ sake she will push him away, but after watching him crying so in pain alone in the dark , my question is you guys think he can handle the separation?????
    And thanks for the recaps!


    1. I’m pretty sure that Sun Jae can handle a separation if he has some idea that it won’t be forever. That said, it’s Hye Won who always cracks and seeks him out first…


  4. thanks for the recaps. I think it’s perfectly understandable that HW is taking as long as she is to figure out what she will do with this love. there is no doubt that SJ loves her and while it’s easy for him to think that that is going to be the case forever and have romantic ideas of living on love and fresh air, she with all her life experiences behind her and her nature to calculate and plan and analyze, knows that the reality can be very different.

    doesn’t everyone think that love will always last and that one never feels like this with another before etc, esp at 20. heck if you look at celebrities who can proclaim that all the time and every time they are in love, love becomes laughable.

    I don’t feel we are going in circles. there is forward movement in their emotional states for each other and while she struggles with this love, every time they come together, she is trusting it more and more.

    so many possibilities of realistic endings but I do want the happy one 🙂


    1. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I understand why Hye Won is taking her time about figuring things out… the odds are stacked against them in more ways than one. You can’t really expect someone who’s spent her whole life being cautious and doing what was expected of her to suddenly run off with a 20 year old with no reservations, however much of an emotional connection they have. I do find her frustrating in a lot of ways, but to give one example, the fact that she won’t tell him what’s going on with her is one, or even explain rationally why she won’t go along with his ideas either. Personally, I would be driven mad if I was with someone who, for whatever reason, was acting like Hye Won, which is probably why I married the most straightforward person in the universe ever. But that’s just me; Sun Jae is obviously a different character.

      A happy ending would be nice, though… after setting up Hye Won as a master tactician, I’m hoping to see some clever twists and turns to get us there.


  5. actually this discussion reminds me of fBRS when Cha chi Soo asked eun bi if she is scared and she says that ‘yes she is. that it isn’t the first time she has those flutters etc and she knows how she can boil over easily etc.’. then later, she tells him that she was calculating everything and that she has to! I can’t remember exact words but it’s true and it’s realistic that both these women would before they can realistically allow themselves to fully enjoy that love


    1. True true… I agree. though for some reason I just pictured the kim chi on the cheek scene with Hye Won and Sun Jae, and now I can’t stop laughing… 😀


  6. I think HW won’t tell him what’s going on with her life in particular the aspect with Seohan because 1. its better for him that he knows as little as possible in order to protect him should anything bad happen to her from current events
    2. she wants to keep him from
    knowing that cunning manipulative side of her.

    SJ has to understand why she doesn’t just drop and leave everything behind. it’s for him to continue convincing her it might work and to still be there when she finally trusts that it will.

    omo, now you got me doing my own kimchi kissing scenes with HW and SJ!


    1. Well, good point. It would still drive me nuts if I was in his shoes though… She’s basically treating him like a kid. You can make the argument that he is a kid, but then why is she getting into a relationship with him?

      Ha ha! Nothing says love like kim chi.


    1. Hey, startulle! Since you’re the winner of the contest, would you mind sending us an email to noonasoverforks[at]gmail.com so we can get your prize to you? Thanks!


  7. but only, she’s like that with everyone. it’s the nature of her job to keep all these secrets from everyone else. her husband doesn’t know anything either of her job. the various parties using her are also in the dark about the other ones.
    so, if you’re referring to those matters, I feel SJ shouldn’t get to know them either.


    1. Oh, not SeoHan foundation stuff… I meant she puts him off whenever he brings up their future. It’s happened a few times in the past couple of episodes, where he brings it up, and she jokes him out of it like she’s dealing with a moody kid, instead of discussing it, or even saying something like “I don’t know yet, have some patience.”

      But, now that you mention it, it’s consistent with her character to play her cards close to the chest, so I accept it in terms of the drama and in terms of the character… I still find it frustrating, though.


  8. I think I’m the one who won’t handle well the next 2 episodes, it already broke my heart in ten thousand pieces to watch And listening SJ crying…what am I gonna do…I will skip the episodes then….


  9. From what I understand the show is now only 16 episodes because the next drama in the time slot premiers is in two weeks on the 19th. Anyways, as always love your recaps.


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