Isobune Restaurant


When in San Francisco’s Japan Center, the assumption is fresh sea food and good sushi. At least, that was my assumption. How wrong I was.

I suppose the first warning was the conveyor belt sushi. Though, in this case, the sushi floated by on wooden boats. This was charming enough for people to bring their children, who were quite rambunctious in close quarters.
The second warning was the appearance of the dishes. The only excuse for red and green food should be Christmas, and even then, never for seafood.

Though the restaurant was busy enough that most dishes did not sit on the boats for long, they did not taste fresh. In fact, the food was surprisingly tasteless, even the deep fried soft shell crab.

We sat staring at the passing dishes, hoping that something decent would eventually pass by. Two plates of mini eclairs passed untouched the entire time we were there, as undesirable as the turds they resembled.

Eleven mini plates later, we gave up and asked for the bill. $60.00 for two people! I was tempted to tell the people lined up outside to save their money for In-N-Out Burger, instead. I had that earlier, and it was significantly cheaper, and much more satisfying.

Isobune Restaurant, 1737 Post St., San Francisco, California

Dined July 2014 – Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다

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