Cramming Korean: Directions

If you can catch key directional information, you may get where you want to go.

Hoon points the way to South Korea.

거기 가려면 어떻게 해요?

geo gi ga ryeo myeon eo tteot ge hae yo

How do I get there?

left  jwa
right  u
turn left좌회전 jwa hoi jeon
turn right우회전 u hoi jeon
south 남쪽 nam jjog
north 북쪽 bug jjog
east 동쪽 dong jjog
west 서쪽 seo jjog
straight직진 jig jin
intersection사거리 sa geo ri

바로 다음 건물이에요.

ba ro da em geon mul i e yo

It is just the next building.

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