“Soulmate” episode 8 recap

Not the reaction you want when people are staring at your crotch.

Side dish: So, I didn’t make it last week to get okonomiyaki pasta. But, I did make it to Mille Creperie to try their pork belly okonomiyaki crêpe. Next time, I want to try their mille crêpe cake, because it looks super delicious.

Episode Recap

Yu Jin (Sa Kang) and Dong Wook (Shin Dong Wook) are out shopping for a suit. Yu Jin insists that Dong Wook try on a shirt with flower-shaped ruffles, and a jacket which looks like random bits of sparkly fabric have been sewn on. Inwardly, Dong Wook protests his ridiculous appearance, but goes along with Yu Jin’s enthusiasm.

Despite his obvious discomfort, she buys him the suit and insists he wear it out. Passers-by point and stare, but Yu Jin is convinced they are just envious of his fabulous style. Dong Wook finally snaps and throws the suit jacket at her, but this is fantasy. In reality, he thanks her for the awful outfit.

Back in the gym locker room, playboy Hwan (Jung Hwan), for once is giving good advice, asking why Dong Wook wouldn’t tell her he didn’t like it. Ryohei (Otani Ryohei) and Dong Wook explain that it would have hurt her feelings (Ha! They should meet my significant other). Hwan nullifies his earlier good advice by describing the horrors of being used as a Ken doll by women. They go on to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of using the term “my woman” on their girlfriends. Hwan counsels Dong Wook to give Yu Jin a big gift in the form of a savings account in her name, so that she’ll overlook the little things.

Dong Wook goes one better and gets Yu Jin a credit card, which he gives to her when she attempts a kiss. When she hugs him to say thank you, her mother pops up, causing both Yu Jin and Dong Wook to panic. Yu Jin’s mom merely introduces herself to Dong Wook, and thanks him for the jade mat he sent over. She browbeats him into having tea with them, where he notices how similar they are, as if he’s looking at the future Yu Jin in her mom.

At lunch with Min Ae, Yu Jin brags about the credit card, but Min Ae already knows the score, explaining that she’ll be too wracked with anxiety to spend Dong Wook’s money, but so impressed by the card that she’ll overlook his flaws. She’s interrupted by a call from her ex from the dark alley, but she rejects him again.

Phillip (Phillip Choi) and Min Ae’s cheesy student are sitting in a park, talking about how hard it is to conquer women, even though they conquered everything in the army. Their pity party is also interrupted by a phone call, which also turns out to be Min Ae’s dark alley ex. Dark alley ex convenes a meeting of Min Ae’s boyfriends, including Ryohei, Phillip, and the guy she picked up at the club back in episode 2, to tell them that Min Ae is dating all of them at the same time.

Dark alley ex tells them about how he and Min Ae met when he was a nude model in a life drawing class. Her wink caused him to have an erection, which ended his nude modelling career, but netted him a date with Min Ae. They all tell their Min Ae stories, and Phillip figures out that he has more competition for Min Ae than he bargained for. They all resolve to go to Min Ae’s apartment for an explanation.

At the apartment, Min Ae sends them away one by one, but only explicitly breaks up with the dark alley ex. He retaliates by appearing when she’s at lunch with Ryohei and pouring a whole jug of water over her head. Weirdly enough, rather than stop the guy, Ryohei jumps in to shield Min Ae from the water, thus drenching his fabulous disco outfit. As the water keeps pouring, they flash back to all of their moments together (giving us an impromptu slideshow of Ryohei’s awful clothes). How much water is in this jug anyway?


The sole moment of common sense in this entire episode came courtesy of Hwan, who reasonably pointed out that Dong Wook could have just told Yu Jin that he didn’t like the suit or the hair cut.  Too bad he was treated as an insensitive jerk by the other two for suggesting it. Too bad he said a lot of stupid things directly afterwards. I have the feeling that there are many more episodes to go before Dong Wook can say something straightforward to Yu Jin, which is kind of disheartening.

As for Min Ae and her multiple boyfriends, I was feeling sympathetic towards Min Ae for the confrontation in her apartment, until she let the dark alley ex pour a jug of water over her head. I’m not sure what the rationale was, but it left me annoyed; was there some reason she was taking punishment from this guy? And, why did I have to watch it go on for so long?

Soulmate (소울메이트)

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