“Soulmate” episode 12 recap

Couple toothbrushes do not equal fate.

Side dish: When you’re sitting in a pojangmacha, the pressure is on to order something tasty. Refer to this 8List Guide to Pojangmacha.

Episode Recap

At a pojangmacha, Soo Kyung (Lee Soo Kyung) teaches Phillip (Phillip Choi) how to down his bitter soju, then confesses that she has reaffirmed her love for him after having post-engagement doubts. Phillip sits there in a fog of guilt, but says nothing. They leave wrapped up in each other’s arms, as Dong Wook (Shin Dong Wook) watches.

Back at his apartment, Phillip avoids talking to Soo Kyung by playing video games, while she plays with the puppy. Phillip discovers for the first time that the puppy is male, and is horrified at having kissed it (WTF?). Phillip all but ushers an annoyed Soo Kyung out the door, as he tries and fails to tell her that he wishes to break up.

Instead, he gives her a gift of new shoes at their next meeting. The shoes are an oblique hint that his feelings have changed, but Soo Kyung misses this completely. His next effort is to take her to a noraebang, and sing her a song about breaking up, but she misses this hint, too, and happily caterwauls along.

Later, Phillip drives Min Ae (Jang Min Ae) home, and asks her for a hug. He needs reassurance, but she sends him away. Inside her apartment, she finds Ryohei (Otani Ryohei) waiting for her dressed in someone’s curtains (The Sound of Music!). They make dinner at the apartment, but a drunken Phillip shows up, and calls out to her to come down. Min Ae tells Phillip off for yelling like a lunatic, informing him that his love is a burden for her. He responds that she doesn’t have to love him now, but that he’s happy to see her. He leaves as Yu Jin (Sa Kang) watches from the window, commenting on how cool he is. She asks Ryohei if he isn’t bothered, and he replies in Japanese that it’s up to Min Ae to decide.

Drunk, Phillip stumbles home to Soo Kyung, who is annoyed with him about not calling. When he spits out the truth, that he’s not in love with her and wants to break up, she dismisses his words as drunken mutterings and leaves. When Soo Kyung returns the next morning with hangover soup, Phillip tearfully gives her back her things, and tells her it’s over. She refuses to accept it and runs out, wandering around and wallowing in her memories.

Overcome by her pain, Soo Kyung runs into a phone booth and starts dialing random numbers. She finally connects with Dong Wook. As she cries on the phone, he hears her unhappy thoughts, as if they’re connected by telepathy. In response, Dong Wook plays her a song (the same one that plays every time they don’t meet), and through that, Soo Kyung hears his thoughts of comfort for her.

Soo Kyung goes back to Phillip’s apartment to get her stuff. Not surprisingly, it’s awkward and full of memories (about couple toothbrushes, of all things), so she leaves again, and goes to church to pray for Phillip to come back to her. Yu Jin appears to comfort her, but Soo Kyung runs out of the church, straight into the arms of Dong Wook. It’s another significant moment as she runs away tearfully, with Dong Wook staring after her.

One month later, Phillip and Soo Kyung meet for lunch, so she can return his keys. Not surprisingly, it’s awkward and full of memories again, but they fake being cheerful. Soo Kyung leaves, smiling, but sits down on a bench shortly thereafter, and starts bawling her eyes out. Turns out she’s sitting next to Dong Wook, who, rather than try to comfort her, hands her one of his headphones and plays her their song.


FINALLY. I’m not sure what was with the telepathy thing, but I’m so glad that Phillip and Soo Kyung broke up that I’m willing to overlook it. I don’t have much to say about this episode, aside from it was kind of sad, and had a breakup in it. I’m a jerk, so I laughed pretty hard about the couple toothbrushes.

But, more importantly, Phillip was okay with kissing a dog until he figured out it was male? Seriously?

Only 만

Soulmate (소울메이트)

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  1. The dog kissing was kinda odd. The soul mates at last meet. It happens so far into the series you question the pacing. It is a relief that Soo Kyung and Phillip’s relationship is finally called dead.
    I never tire of your fashion comments about poor Ryohei.


  2. Bwahahahaaaaaa !!!! CURTAINS .the most interesting thing about this episode are your comments.I agree the pacing is all kinds of wrong.If I was watching this show i would have dropped it by now. enjoying the recaps non the less.


    1. The pacing is completely wonky… we’ve now spent half the series on the death of Soo Kyung and Phillip’s relationship, and I suspect we’ll be spending a few more episodes on Dong Wook and the increasingly insane Yu Jin. In the show’s defence, the brevity of the episodes makes it easier to digest.

      If Ryohei ever shows up in an outfit that’s at least one step above laughable, I’ll probably stop commenting (right after I recover from the heartbreak; I depend on his bad fashion to keep me going).


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