Friday Feature: Buddy buddy

Buddy movies thrive on the chemistry between the leads. We present our dream casting for various classic buddy movie scenarios.

Gong Yoo and Seo In Guk

A classic buddy movie scenario is the older, wiser buddy, paired with a cocky newcomer. This device has been used in everything from cop movies to science fiction to Westerns. There’s barely eight years between them, but imagine Gong Yoo as the jaded sunbae burdened with showing the ropes to cocky, straight as an arrow rookie, Seo In Guk. Let’s make them investigative reporters on the Toronto City Hall beat, so we can have some Gravy Train action with our eye candy. While we’re at it, let’s also make Gong Yoo an amateur foodie, who constantly drags Seo In Guk to delicious takeout places. – Only 만

Lee Dong Wook and Seo Kang Joon

It is easy to see the potential of pairing Lee Dong Wook and Seo Kang Joon thanks to the variety show, “Roommate”. Lee Dong Wook can play the weary and practical one, and Seo Kang Joon’s character floats through life unencumbered by worry or deep thoughts. Let’s make them detectives, which will give Lee Dong Wook the opportunity to eat a doughnut while on stakeout, and Seo Kang Joon the chance to infiltrate a gang in disguise. Thus, Lee Dong Wook looks less hungry, and Seo Kang Joon gets an excuse to dance around in a costume. – Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다

Lee Bo Young and Jeon Ji Hyeon

Jeon Ji Hyeon’s fantastic role as Cheon Song Yi in “My Love from the Stars” has forever cemented her in my memory as an epic drunk. Who better to cast in a K-drama revision of The Hangover? Imagine a ridiculous and overdramatic Jeon Ji Hyeon paired with uptight, responsible Lee Bo Young as they try to puzzle out what happened the morning after an epic bender. Will they forge a friendship? Or, kill each other? – Only

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Soo Hyuk

The only scenario that comes readily to mind with this pairing is two aliens stranded on Earth, because, if you were to catch sight of these two walking together in broad daylight, that is what you would assume. Of course, if it was night time, your instant assumption would be, “Vampires!”  Given the fact that they have already acted together as vampires (see “Vampire Idol”), the more realistically chilling buddy scenario would be corporate lawyers. Kim Woo Bin can be the aggressive and bloodthirsty one, while Lee Soo Hyuk can act as the cold and calculating half. Watching these two former models wear suits while treating boardrooms like their personal runway will be enough for me. – Jung-gug-eo Kaenada

Kim Jae Joong and Park Yoochun

Kim Jae Joong and Park Yoochun are both members of JYJ, and they both act. Yet, they’ve never been in a drama together. Let’s take both parts of their lives, and combine them into a classic fish out of water scenario. As bratty members of an idol group who have grown to hate each other, the two of them go back to their home town for the first time since making it big. With a good dose of small town cheer, they remember their roots as geeky best friends who just wanted to share their passion for music. – Only

Readers: which K-drama actors would you like to see buddy up?

Pair them off two by two in Comments below.

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