Magical Moments Advent Calendar day 10

Join us as we count down the days to Christmas by unveiling 24 magical Kdrama moments. Day 10 is “City Hall”!

Episode 4 of City Hall


Having started a rumour that she’s dating Deputy Mayor Jo Gook (Cha Seung Won), dowdy civil servant turned beauty pageant contestant, Shin Mi Rae (Kim Sun Ah) is forced to spin a story to her friends about a night they spent together at a hotel. She embellishes freely, imagining a scenario where she tries to leave the hotel room, but he begs her to stay. She’s just getting into the fantasy, when she’s interrupted by the arrival of none other than Gook himself.


Panicky, she tries to get him to leave the bar, but he sits down, all unawares, to join the party. It doesn’t take long for Mi Rae’s friends to start questioning Gook about their relationship, and Mi Rae does the only natural thing to get out of the situation: she smacks Gook upside the head, and accuses him of molesting her under the table. He’s utterly baffled, but she marches out of the bar, ostensibly to protect her virtue, but really to hide behind a sign.


When Gook goes chasing after Mi Rae, she apologizes and makes a complete hash out of explaining herself. But, it’s not long until Mi Rae’s friends show up to eavesdrop, and she starts the charade up again, telling Gook loudly to stop following her, while surreptitiously begging him to play along.


Gook wonders aloud how to shut her up, and finally settles on the method of pulling her in for a kiss. Her friends are shocked as he stops centimetres away from her mouth, and the episode ends.


Full disclosure: despite being frequently entertaining, “City Hall” was not one of my favourite dramas. Still, I was so caught off guard by the slap upside the head that I burst out laughing and didn’t stop till the end of the episode.

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  1. I liked City Hall but yeah, its not one of my favorite dramas. This is no fault of the actors who were top notch but that of the writer. I find her dramas annoy me with the way the female character/romance is written.


    1. I just realized for the first time that it’s the same writer as “Heirs” and “Secret Garden”. I totally agree; her female characters make me want to bang my head against the wall. So much weeping.


    1. Actually, the first few episodes are not that representative of the rest of the show. It started out as pure comedy and became something else entirely by the end.


  2. The frustrating thing re: these female roles is that they start out kickass – then get less so as the story goes on. Not many people are resistant to the wrist grab. sigh


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