Let’s Eat Episode 7 recap


Grilled Eel (장어구이)
“Once you put it in your mouth, you will experience a tropical night in January.” 

Grilled Shellfish (조개구이)
“How can it be so soft? It’s silk.”

Episode Recap

At a clothing store, Soo Kyung is sleepily watching her boss, Attorney Kim model a series of possible outfits for his TV segment. After being reamed out for her lack of interest, Soo Kyung is horrified when the saleswoman mistakes Attorney Kim as her husband. However, Attorney Kim gets his revenge by sending Soo Kyung home without buying her dinner.

Let's Eat 7.2

Soo Kyung calls her neighbour, Jin Yi to dine with her. When Soo Kyung learns that Dae Young is with Jin Yi, she hastily changes her mind. Jin Yi is puzzled as Dae Young is also reluctant to see Soo Kyung, but refuses to tell her the reason. Soo Kyung ends up pitifully eating kimbap alone at home.

The next day, Soo Kyung arrives late at work, but gets lambasted by Attorney Kim for another reason. He has lost his TV gig, and blames Soo Kyung’s unsexy comments on the show’s message board. He orders her to get a refund on the suit he bought for his appearance on the show, and do so during her lunch hour. As a result, Soo Kyung misses out on grilled eel when Dae Young treats Attorney Kim and his office to lunch.

Back at the office, Soo Kyung’s co-worker, Kyu Sik tells her that Dae Young has set Attorney Kim up on a blind date with a doctor. They hope that marriage will mellow Attorney Kim out. When Soo Kyung enthusiastically wishes Attorney Kim luck on his blind date, he takes offense, and orders her to go repurchase the suit she just refunded. Candy bars prove inadequate, so Soo Kyung reviews the stack of prepared resignation letters in her drawer to comfort herself.

Over grilled shellfish, Soo Kyung contemplates quitting her job. Her friend, Kyung Mi thinks that Soo Kyung’s foul mood is the result of guilt. She urges Soo Kyung to simply apologize to Dae Young, but Soo Kyung thinks it is too late.

Let's Eat 7.7

After Kyung Mi suddenly abandons Soo Kyung for sexy time with her husband, Jin Yi is sent to the restaurant in her place. Jin Yi admits to a sloshed Soo Kyung that she found out the reason for her falling out with Dae Young. Jin Yi then calls Dae Young to help deal with drunken Soo Kyung.

When Dae Young and Soo Kyung are alone, she finally apologizes for falsely accusing him of being the “don’t ask” assailant. A more detailed description of what happens can be found here.

Outside Soo Kyung’s officetel, Attorney Kim is checking the CCTVs and streetlights out of concern for Soo Kyung’s safety. He spots Soo Kyung being piggybacked by Dae Young, and looks disheartened.


I wonder if the feelings of viewers towards Attorney Kim waver just as his feelings flip flop between petty dislike and caring for Soo Kyung. It is easy to dislike Attorney Kim when he is punishing Soo Kyung, but you can’t help but feel sorry for him, seeing his face collapse at the end of this episode.

It was a relief to see Soo Kyung finally apologize to Dae Young and humble herself. Removing her haughtiness will make Soo Kyung a less painful character to watch from now on.

Not much variety in this week’s dishes, which consisted of a various seafood on a grill.

Grilled Eel (장어구이)
Let's Eat 7.4
I had Korean grilled eel once, and like the one featured in the show, it was not marinated beforehand. I did not enjoy how chewy it was, and it did not have the smoky flavour that I had hoped. It is probably worthwhile to try this dish a second time.

Grilled Shellfish (조개구이)
Let's Eat 7.5

Let’s Eat (식샤를 합시다)

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  1. Hahaha this episode and the eel stamina jokes never fail to make me laugh!

    Regarding Atty Kim, I’m torn about him. It’s not that I flip-flop as a viewer, but rather, I feel guilty for liking this man. Outside dramaland, this kind of boss who tortures you for years and makes life miserable is a no-no. But then this show also shows him being thoughtful in more important ways. Like ensuring SK’s safety.

    So I dunno… I’m leaning more towards liking him. Maybe because as viewers, we get to see his “whole” story. Whereas the evil bosses in real life remain as just the Evil Boss unless we try to get to know them.

    It reminds me of that quote “Be kind to people you meet, for everyone is fighting a hard battle”. Let’s Eat shows us how Atty Kim suffers in a hell of his own making (a one-sided love he cannot escape from). Maybe that’s why I’m more willing to forgive him.


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