Tasty Tuesday: New York slice

Joe’s Pizza in Greenwich Village is known as the classic purveyor of the New York style pizza: thin crust with a light layer of cheese. It is said that the New York water, sourced from pristine upstate aqueducts, gives the dough its unique taste.

I could have done without the pepperoni, which was too salty. Otherwise, I love the paper thin crust.


  1. Junggugeo, You are in the NY? What a small world 🙂 I like Joe’s and I agree about their pepperoni slices a bit salty but I like it. My favorite slices are at Sal & Carmine on the Upper West Side


    1. I visited New York recently, like the majority of the world it would seem, based on the number of tourists. I’ll have to check out Sal & Carmine the next time I visit; I don’t usually go to the Upper West Side.


      1. The moment there isn’t a large number of tourist in NYC, it has to be a natural disaster occurring. Hope you had a lot of fun while visiting and if you do get to try S&C, I suggest the plain or sausage.


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