Oh My Ghost episode 5 recap

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Episode Recap

Newly unpossessed cook, Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) wakes up in the hospital with her boss, Sun Woo (Jo Jung Seok) to find that she has missed two weeks of time, no longer has a home, and has been acting like a completely different person in the intervening time.


Meanwhile, horny virgin ghost, Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi), newly returned to her incorporeal state, hangs around the restaurant to watch Sun Woo get ready for bed. Later, she tries and fails to possess Sun Woo’s longtime crush, So Hyung (Park Jung Ah), in order to have the best shot at losing her virginity with Sun Woo.


Armed with her grandmother’s questionable advice and her own paranoia, Bong Sun gets a ride back to Sun Restaurant with cheerful cop, Sung Jae (Im Joo Hwan). The rest of the chefs are nonplussed by her sudden return to her apologetic personality, but both Sun Woo and his sister, Eun Hee (Shin Hye Sun) are more concerned. Meanwhile, Bong Sun is more concerned with ignoring the pushy Soon Ae, who wages a campaign to get her attention.


When the Canadian ambassador shows up to the restaurant, Soon Ae’s harassment doesn’t let up, and in an attempt to get away from the ghost, Bong Sun sets fire to the store room. The smoke reaches the dining room upstairs, and they evacuate the restaurant, but Sun Woo and the chefs manage to put the fire out. Unable to explain what happened, Bong Sun is left only with tears and apologies for Sun Woo. On the plus side, Bong Sun finally manages to find the spine to convincingly tell Soon Ae to get lost.


Concerned for her mental health, Sun Woo takes Bong Sun to a psychiatrist (a cameo by Jo Han Chul) for a brain scan, who tells him that Bong Sun must be bipolar. When the doctor asks if Bong Sun is under any stress, Sun Woo thinks back to his conversation telling her to rethink becoming a chef and feels guilty. That night, he apologizes for having been harsh with her, and lets her sleep upstairs in a store room with brand new bedding.


Meanwhile, Soon Ae returns to the restaurant of her father, Myeong Ho (Lee Dae Yeon), to find him reading a wedding invitation from one of her friends. Depressed by the thought that Soon Ae will never have a chance to marry, Myeong Ho drinks himself into a stupor and falls asleep in her room. Soon Ae spends the night sleeping next to him.


Back at the restaurant, Sun Woo decides to make Bong Sun some cabbage porridge, based on a recipe from Bong Sun’s secret food blog. As she eats the porridge, Bong Sun responds to Sun Woo’s complimentary comment on her blog by revealing that she’s eating the dish right then. Instead of realizing that the blogger is Bong Sun, Sun Woo is convinced that he and the blog writer are emotionally connected.


The next morning, Soon Ae wakes up to find a hungover Myeong Ho handing her brother, Kyung Mo (Lee Hak Joo) money he can’t afford for a pair of fancy running shoes. Realizing that Myeong Ho is out of money, Soon Ae remembers that she had some hidden away in a diary. She finds the diary and attempts to get it open.

At the restaurant, Sun Woo reminds Bong Sun about the filming for the cooking show. Bong Sun is terrified when she realizes what he’s talking about, but reluctantly goes along with it when Sun Woo promises to take care of everything.


Meanwhile, in his own kitchen, Myeong Ho falls unconscious on the floor. Sung Jae finds him shortly thereafter. Shockingly, he does nothing and leaves.

At her apartment, Sun Woo’s mother, Hye Young (Shin Eun Kyung) welcomes shaman, Suhbingo. Suhbingo gets straight to work on a ceremony, but is brought up short by photos of Sung Jae. She senses something off about him, as if he’s two different people.

Soon Ae finally gets the diary open and finds the money. She goes downstairs to tell her father the good news, but finds him unconscious. Unable to find someone she can possess in order to call an ambulance, Soon Ae thinks of Bong Sun and goes running to find her.


Back on the TV set, Bong Sun discovers that she’ll be tag teaming with Sun Woo, rather than cooking alongside him. When it’s her turn to cook, she’s startled by the arrival of Soon Ae into dropping the flour. Bong Sun is so flustered that they pause filming and she runs off the set, with Soon Ae close behind her. Soon Ae begs her to call for an ambulance, but before Bong Sun can make up her mind, she’s distracted by someone calling her. Soon Ae takes the opportunity to runs towards in order to possess her again as the episode ends.



Only 만: So, that was not what I was expecting for Bong Sun and Soon Ae finally meeting. Or, more accurately, not what I was hoping for.

Junggugeo Kaenada 중국어 캐나다: The interactions between Bong Sun and Soon Ae were frustrating, because Bong Sun refused to acknowledge Soon Ae. The only thing more frustrating than their lack of communication was Bong Sun herself. After experiencing Bong Sun as possessed by Soon Ae, having the real Bong Sun return was a bummer.


Only: I’m not that surprised that Bong Sun didn’t want to communicate with Soon Ae. I’m not sure that I’d really want to listen to a ghost who was capable of possessing me; I’d be too busy running away. That said, yes, Soon Ae is a lot more entertaining than Bong Sun.

Junggugeo Kaenada: Between how boring she is and how she screws up repeatedly, I do not know how they are going to make Bong Sun a more likable character, especially with the outgoing and competent Soon Ae as competition. Plus, Bong Sun has no connection with Sun Woo other than through the food blog.


Only: As much as I like Sun Woo, I’m not really getting any chemistry between him and Soon Ae either. He treats her like a bothersome little sister. Even given that she has to overcome Bong Sun’s reputation, Soon Ae has made zero headway with Sun Woo.

But, I also think Bong Sun hasn’t been given much of a chance here. This episode, she didn’t wasn’t able to do much other than be terrorized by Soon Ae.


Junggugeo Kaenada: That is true. Meanwhile, one character who is quickly developing into something monstrous is Sung Jae. It was chilling to watch him spot Myeong Ho who is obviously in distress then turn around, and cheerfully suggest to his colleague that they go somewhere else to eat.

Only: It was pretty creepy to watch his face go from smiling to totally flat as he left the restaurant. When Suhbingo said he seemed like two different people, she really hit the nail on the head.


Junggugeo Kaenada: This twist in Sung Jae’s character does make him more interesting, though. My mind is racing at the possible explanations for this sinister side of him.

One character whose purpose I do not understand is Soon Ae’s useless brother, Kyung Mo. He drives me insane with his selfishness and immaturity, so I guess he is ripe for a redemption storyline.

Only: Or, at least, a solid position as comic relief, though, I don’t find him that funny. Actually, as the show goes on, I’m noticing that, despite the comedy, the tone is pretty dark. I guess that’s in keeping with the ghost storyline, but what with the increasingly creepy Sung Jae, Soon Ae’s heartbroken father, and Bong Sun’s terror at being possessed, “Oh My Ghost” is surprisingly bleak.

Junggugeo Kaenada: It is, though the show is still keeping my interest, so I am looking forward to the next episode.

Only: Same here, if only to find out what kind of trouble Soon Ae will cause next.


Oh My Ghost (오 나의 귀신님)

Oh My Ghost Poster5

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  1. There was an oooo blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment with sung jae aftrr he left the restaurant with soon aes dad on the floor! Did you miss it?? I dont want to write what happened if you did as it would be a massive spoiler!!! Go see!!


  2. Can you help me find the song that played through Chef Kangs speakers after reading the comment in bing soon’s blog? Thank you


  3. Can you help me find the song that played through Chef Kangs speakers after reading the comment in bing soon’s blog? Thank you


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