Oh My Ghost episode 13 recap

Side dish: When Kyung Mo tries to feed ice cream to Bong Sun in place of dinner, it had me thinking of Korean Shaved Ice Dessert. The Kitchn provides a recipe.

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Timid chef, Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) tearfully runs away from her boss, Sun Woo (Jo Jung Seok) after confessing that he has been dating Soon Ae (Kim Seul Gi), a ghost in possession of her body. Sun Woo manages to catch up to Bong Sun, but cannot bring himself to take her claim seriously.

Oh My Ghost 13.2

Sun Woo’s brother-in-law, policeman Sung Jae (Im Joo Hwan) thinks back to all his interactions with Bong Sun, including his attempt to run her over with his car. He is convinced that Soon Ae has been in possession of Bong Sun’s body. His thoughts are interrupted by the return of a female colleague who has been away on sick leave.

At Sun Restaurant, sous chef, Min Soo (Kang Ki Young) attempts to dig for details about Bong Sun and Sun Woo’s dating life . Sun Woo is still fuming over the night before, and frostily orders him back to work. This leads Min Soo and the other chefs to speculate on the status of their boss’s relationship while Cordon Bleu trained chef, Joon (Kwak Si Yang) sneers at their gossiping.

Oh My Ghost 13.1

Meanwhile, Soon Ae is pacing the apartment of shaman, Suhbingo (Lee Jung Eun), wondering why Sung Jae would try to hit Bong Sun with his car. Sunbingo recalls all the evidence that points to possession by an evil spirit. She advises Soon Ae to keep an eye on Sung Jae and to warn Bong Sun.

Sun Woo cancels dinner service, and attempts to force Bong Sun to seek medical help. Bong Sun rejects the idea that she is suffering from mental illness, and returns to Sun Restaurant where Soon Ae is waiting. Soon Ae is about to warn Bong Sun about Sung Jae when Sun Woo enters. It becomes clear based on their conversation that he knows everything about Soon Ae’s possession of Bong Sun. After Soon Ae attempts to touch Sun Woo’s face, Sun Woo is no longer able to deny the existence of ghosts. He learns that Bong Sun gave Soon Ae permission to possess her, and he stumbles out in shock.

Oh My Ghost 13.3

Sun Woo reviews previous experiences with Bong Sun, both possessed and unpossessed by Soon Ae, over soju. Sung Jae comes across him, and casually asks about his relationship with Bong Sun. This prompts Sun Woo to ask if he believes in ghosts. Sung Jae feigns confusion, but this only confirms his suspicions about Soon Ae’s possession of Bong Sun.

Bong Sun is regretting her deal with Soon Ae to bag Sun Woo when the man himself drunkenly calls her out of her apartment. Sun Woo wishes that she had kept him ignorant, as he struggles to determine who he actually has feelings for. When he asks why she deceived him, Bong Sun tearfully confesses that her infatuation lead her to resort to desperate tactics.

Oh My Ghost 13.4

Bong Sun rips up her Sun Woo scrapbook and moves out of the apartment on the roof of Sun Restaurant without notifying anyone. So, when Bong Sun fails to show up at work the next day, neither Soon Ae nor Sun Woo nor Sung Jae have any clue where she has gone.

Soon Ae finds Bong Sun in the care of Soon Ae’s father, Myeong Ho (Lee Dae Yeon), and her brother, Kyung Mo (Lee Hak Joo). Having found her near unconscious in the street, the men brought her back to their home. They insist that she stay until she has recovered.

Oh My Ghost 13.5

Soon Ae reveals to Bong Sun that Sung Jae was the driver of the car that nearly ran into Bong Sun. She warns Bong Sun to stay hidden from Sung Jae while she investigates. Soon Ae now realizes that what needs to be resolved is not her virginity.

Meanwhile, Sun Woo is acting as if it is business as usual at his restaurant. After he is caught moping, the chefs persuade Sun Woo to join them for beer. Joon catches Sun Woo alone and bluntly asks him not to let go of Bong Sun so easily.

Oh My Ghost 13.6

Soon Ae possesses Sung Jae’s newly returned female colleague, and spots her diary in his locked drawer. Soon Ae cannot remember the contents of the diary, but resolves to find out. She convinces Sung Jae and the other cops to go for dinner without her.

When Soon Ae is caught by Officer Han trying to break into Sung Jae’s locked drawer, she claims to have received a tip regarding corruption. Officer Han then reveals his own suspicion that Sung Jae is trying to cover up for the perpetrator of the accident that paralyzed his wife, Eun Hee (Shin Hye Sun).

Oh My Ghost 13.7

Sun Woo is moping in Bong Sun’s deserted apartment when he finds torn pages from her scrapbook. He comes to realize that Bong Sun is the writer behind one of his favourite food blogs. He rushes to the home of Bong Sun’s grandmother to find her, but when it becomes clear that Bong Sun is not there, Sun Woo decides to stay quiet about her disappearance.

Bong Sun’s grandmother reveals that her granddaughter has always been mature and goodhearted. Her only regret is that Bong Sun inherited her ability to see ghosts. Sun Woo realizes that he and Bong Sun both share a lonely childhood.

Oh My Ghost 13.8

After berating Bong Sun for choosing Sun Woo over him then being so unhappy, Kyung Mo goes to confront his rival in person. He slaps Sun Woo in the face then reveals that Bong Sun is at his home. This sends Sun Woo racing to find her, as Kyung Mo quietly wishes the couple happiness.

Bong Sun has just found out about Sun Woo’s visit to her grandmother when he suddenly arrives at Myeong Ho’s restaurant and hugs her, relieved that she is safe. Despite not having decided whether to forgive her, Sun Woo has determined that he cared about her long before she was possessed by a ghost.

Oh My Ghost 13.9


My enthusiasm for “Oh My Ghost” has been faltering, because the love triangle consisting of Bong Sun, Sun Woo and Soon Ae was becoming a painfully slow, ticking time bomb. I am glad that the truth was finally dropped on Sun Woo. Hence, this episode showed vast improvement, because it dealt with the expected fallout of Bong Sun and Soon Ae’s deception: everyone suffering from a lack of clarity on who truly loves who. Sun Woo came to a rather quick conclusion that Bong Sun is the one he loves, though one must question if he really ever had a choice, given that the alternative is to fall in love with a ghost on the verge of becoming an evil spirit.

Now that Soon Ae is no longer focused on losing her virginity, she can get down to the business of finding out the truth about her death and Sung Jae’s role in it. It has become a tense race to see whether Soon Ae can discover Sung Jae’s secrets before an increasingly scary Sung Jae gets a hold of Bong Sun.

Finally, what are the writers trying to do to us with Joon? I have mixed feelings, because Joon has become such a selfless dreamboat, but he is essentially being left on the sidelines to act as cheerleader. At least, Joon is keeping company with the entertaining chorus of chefs.

Oh My Ghost 13.11

Oh My Ghost (오 나의 귀신님)

Oh My Ghost Poster5

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