Tasty Tuesday: La Casita Mexicana

When the GPS led us astray in Los Angeles, we took the opportunity to hit up a couple of destinations we might not have visited otherwise. One of these was La Casita Mexicana. With no idea what to order, we took the advice of the waitress, but made the mistake of ordering one too many drinks before we even started. Not that they weren’t delicious, but the effect was that we were practically full before our substantial order even showed up.

Between the two of us, we split what seemed like a huge amount of agua fresca, chia lemonade and horchata. All of them were delicious and super fresh, and went down pretty fast. Luckily, we had a side of complimentary tortilla chips with three different kinds of mole to slow us down.

Next to arrive was the Chile En Nogada, a dish that I would never have thought to order without some prompting from the waitress, but really enjoyed. The pecan cream sauce with pomegranate seeds was delicious over the meat stuffed pepper, though maybe a little too sweet for me to eat on a regular basis. Good thing I don’t live in LA.

Next up was the Platillo Tres Carnes, with two kinds of thinly sliced beef and house made chorizo. On the side was grilled cactus with queso fresco, beans and some grilled vegetables. This one came with tortillas, which helped with the flavourful, but dry meats. Rolling them up in a tortilla with sauce and my vegetable of choice mellowed them out to the point of deliciousness. If I’m ever in LA again, the only thing that would prevent me from returning is the location. Otherwise, I’d probably go back and try the different moles, and save the drinks for later.

La Casita Mexicana, 4030 East Gage Ave., Bell, California

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