Tasty Tuesday: Bottega Louie

A trip to Bottega Louie is well worth it for the visual overload alone, something the owners must be aware of, since I heard about this place via an acquaintance who follows them on Instagram. The pastry case in particular is especially camera ready, and people were freely posing for pictures in front of the wall of macarons. Since we stopped in there for breakfast, we chose instead to try out the pain au chocolat and the raspberry croissant. But, the pretty treats proved too hard to resist, and I threw in a salted caramel éclair for good measure. Thankfully, we spent much of the rest of the day walking off our gluttony.

All three pastries were very good, but the raspberry croissant turned out to be the surprise hit of the bunch. The sweet, slightly tart taste of raspberry was a nice complement to the buttery pastry, though given the glaze, the crust didn’t shatter in as satisfying a manner as the pain au chocolat. The salted caramel éclair came in the prettiest pastry box I’ve ever seen (and if you’re in the market, would make a perfect mini-lightbox for photographing tiny things). The pastry was fresh, the filling not too sweet, and the salt a nice addition to the flavour.

There are a lot more pastries to try, so a return visit will be high on the list when we next return to Los Angeles.

Bottega Louie, 700 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles

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