Georgia Restaurant

Under the impression that we were going to a takeout place, I was caught off guard by the fact that Georgia was not only a restaurant, but an event venue decorated in a style I like to call 80s baroque. Luckily, it didn’t put us off our mission, which was to order Georgian cheese pie, or khatchipuri. We were surprised to discover a variety of khatchipuris on the menu, and solved this dilemma by ordering one of each.

My personal favourite was the adjarian khatchipuri, with a soft-baked egg floating on top of the salty Georgian cheese filling. The egg was runny enough to act as both dip and flavouring, and while it was a mess to eat, it tasted fantastic.

The favourite of my significant other was the Penovani Khatchipuri, which features the same Georgian cheese in a puff pastry. If this one had had an egg on top as well, I probably would have agreed with him, though it was delicious all the same.

The last one we tried was the plain khatchipuri, but we didn’t get to it until the next day since we were just too full to cram in one more. I don’t know how it stacked up to the other two, since the we ate those piping hot, and it’s doubtful that the reheated version could compete. Don’t get me wrong, though; it was still pretty good.

Georgia Restaurant, 1118 Finch Ave West, Unit #2, North York, ON

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